Black Star Riders

‘Coming Under Heavy Fire’ Tour

Wulfrum Hall – Wolverhampton

November 8th 2017

Review & Photography – Will Carter / Two Finger Media :

With four bands on the bill, it was going to be an earlier start than most gigs, so the doors were due to open at 6:00 pm, with the first act taking to the stage at 6:45 pm. When I arrived at a little before six, there was a decent sized queue already formed, which is always nice to see, as the opening acts deserve an appreciative and decent sized audience.

About a quarter to seven the lights dimmed and the background music stopped and you could hear the excited anticipation from the decent sized crowd. Dirty Thrills were first on, an exciting four-piece British Blues Rock band from London. They only had 25 minutes to impress the crowd with their music, and boy did they succeed. From the very first moment they took to the stage to the last note, the energy levels and musicianship were there for all to see, and each of their songs were greeted with great applause. Five songs seemed to be enough tonight to showcase yet another exciting young British band.

Set List:

  1. ‘I’ll Be with You’
  2. ‘Go Slow’
  3. ‘No Resolve’
  4. ‘Law Man’
  5. ‘The Brave’


Next up on stage at about half past seven were the West Country boys otherwise known as Tax the Heat. These guys have been around a few years now and have built up a decent following, as their live shows are always well done, great vocals and some kickass tunes. They played a selection of known songs from their album and some new tracks from their new album, yet to be released.

Set List:

  1. ‘On the Run’
  2. ‘Animals’
  3. ‘Highway Home’
  4. ‘Money in the Bank’
  5. ‘Stood on the Platform’
  6. ‘Learn to Drown’
  7. ‘Fed to the Lions’
  8. ‘Change Your Position’


Main support for the night were from the Swedish rockers Blues Pills, with the beautiful Elin Larsson on vocals. These guys have graced many a big stage and are a very popular act and a must see at any festival or venue they play. They took to the stage at twenty past eight and played a 45-minute rip-roaring set that had the crowd well and truly warmed up for the main act to follow. They played a selection of songs both old and new, and were very good.

Set List:

  1. ‘Lady in Gold’
  2. ‘Little Boy Preacher’
  3. ‘Black Smoke’
  4. ‘You Gotta Try’
  5. ‘High Class Woman’
  6. ‘Little Sun’
  7. ‘Somebody to Love’
  8. ‘Devil Man’


Nine thirty came and again, as for the previous acts, the lights dimmed and the background music stopped. Black Star Riders were about to take to the stage, but before they did we were treated to some pyrotechnics from the edge of the stage as fire shot into the air and had the crowd transfixed right from the off. This was the start of an amazing 90 minutes of awesome music performed by this supergroup. They had all the bases covered throughout this set with pretty much every Black Star Riders tune you could ever wish to hear. The crowd were hanging on every lyric, and every note that this band played. They were treated to a musical master class from some of the business’s biggest and best musicians. These guys have been doing it all their lives and their confidence and ability to command and own that stage was apparent throughout.

The set was great, the crowd loved it, what more is there to say except if you ever get the chance go and see these guys live, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Set List:

  1. ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’
  2. ‘Finest Hour’
  3. ‘Heavy Fire’
  4. ‘Testify’
  5. ‘Soldierstown’
  6. ‘Before the War’
  7. ‘Dancing with the Wrong Girl’
  8. ‘Hey Judas’
  9. ‘When the Night Comes In’
  10. ‘Cold War Love’
  11. ‘Bloodshot’
  12. ‘Jailbreak’
  13. ‘Ticket to Rise’
  14. ‘Killer Instinct’
  15. ‘Blindsided’
  16. ‘Kingdom’
  17. ‘Bound for Glory’
  18. ‘Whiskey in the Jar’


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