Bad Touch and Mollie Marrriott - Brudenell Club Leeds November 24th 2017
5.0Overall Score

Welcome to the Brudenell Club .. possibly one of the best venues in Yorkshire to watch a live show and really feel a part of the night.. and so it begins…

Opening the show were Leeds based funk rockers Late Night Legacy. Overwhelmed by the turn out, vocalist Ryan Kitto stomped through the set with such a smile that it made up for the occasional lack of lighting. These guys are good, very good in fact and should be gracing much bigger stages than this in this reviewer’s opinion. Yes their is more than a hint of Chilli Peppers in there .. but somehow the harder more Rockier edge makes you want to come back for more. Catch up with these guys soon, you will not regret it, I promise.

On to the Tour. Bad Touch and Mollie Marriott have been touring around the UK for the past 2 weeks playing to packed crowds and as such Leeds was no exception. As Mollie took to the stage the audience visibly doubled in size. Opening with “Run with the Hounds” from her latest release “Truth Is a Wolf” Mollie and the band were in fine form from the get go. They stomped through a setlist comprising of songs showcasing this new LP .. stand out tracks for tonight were the brilliant title track and the Judie Tzuke co-penned “King of Hearts” .. Mollie seemed to enjoy every minute of her set up there tonight and she has a backing band that is tight and yet flow with her beautifully. This is one sassy lady who can belt the blues with a conviction not seen since the days of 78 Lp’s and black and white TV.. what a superb start to the night.

I last saw Bad Touch at the Amplified Festival early this year .. there they won over the Metal orientated crowd, through sheer talent and songwriting .. Tonight would be no exception to that rule.. Leeds welcomed these humble young men from Norwich with open arms. Well to be fair we had to. In your face, Blues Rock from the opening chord to the closing drumbeat .. and damn fine it was too. Opening up as they meant to continue with “Take Me Away” the boys owned that stage and played their hearts out. Singer Stevie Westwood was very appreciative of the crowd support throughout the night .. commenting at one point about how when they last played the Brudenell it was the small room and walking into the larger community room tonight he wondered if they could fill the place .. well fill it they did !!!. He also coped well with the playful musical banter between guitarists Rob Glendinning and “Seeks” Seekins .. boys, next time finish Paradise City .. it could be an awesome cover !! Set highlights have to be Delta Blues laced “Wise Water”, Led Zeppelin tinged, “Waiting For This” and the thunderous encore “99%”. We of course musnt forget that Mollie Marriott joined them back on stage for the first encore of their new single “Baby Get it On” .. for me the absolute highlight of the night .. ending a perfect performance ..

Its a 5 out of 5 from me and we cannot wait to see how both these great performers evolve over the next few years, they are firm favourites in the Rock ‘N’ Load Camp.


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