The Bad Flowers - Live Review - The Asylum 2 – Birmingham
The Bad Flowers - Live Review - The Asylum 2 – Birmingham
The Bad Flowers - Live Review - The Asylum 2 – Birmingham
The Bad Flowers - Live Review - The Asylum 2 – Birmingham
The Bad Flowers - Live Review - The Asylum 2 – Birmingham
The Bad Flowers - Live Review - The Asylum 2 – Birmingham
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There has been a lot of hype about this sold out album launch show with around 200 tickets sold, and with hype comes expectation.

The show begins with Derby band These Wicked Rivers and what a way to get the crowd warmed up. The room is already ¾ full as their sound fills the room with Groovy Blues Rock that gets the crowd moving and its clear that the audience are enjoying this opening act.

Following These Wicked Rivers are Welsh band Those Damn Crows by which time the room is full and thoroughly enjoying their brand of Hard Rock. The crowd is soaking them up like a sponge and vocalist Shane Greenhall stands on a raiser for a lot of the set, encouraging crowd interaction and making everyone all feel as one. They set the crowd up perfectly for The Bad Flowers and must be close to themselves being a main attraction.

The bar had been set very high for The Bad Flowers with the highly enjoyable support acts and it was time to see if they could live up to the hype.

Any doubt was swiftly blown away as they open with ‘Hurricane’ and not only do they sound fantastic, they are such a tight three piece it is quite wonderful to watch. There are already a lot of phones out taking photos and videos trying to capture the brilliance.

Tom, Dale and Karl seem to be really enjoying themselves and this comes through to the audience who are singing along, clearly there is a big feeling that what is being played out in front of our eyes is something very special.

The massive sounds of Groove and Classic Rock are only confined by the walls, but could easily fill a bigger room and thoroughly entertain a bigger crowd. The incredible energy oozes from the stage and laps over the audience in waves as the fantastic set list continues.

By the time we reach ‘City Lights’ which is the final song of the main set, nearly every person is singing along and is fully engaged to the point where a misunderstanding with the venue staff, didn’t knock the wind out the sails for a two-track encore.

The entire crowd were eagerly awaiting as many more songs as they could get from The Bad Flowers and finishing with a superb cover of ‘War Pigs’ by Black Sabbath there can’t have been a silent voice in the room.

The buzz from this gig lasts some considerable time and there is a true belief that what has been witnessed tonight, is the last time that The Bad Flowers could be playing a room of this size, unless it is sold as an intimate show. The impressive complete sound created by this brilliant trio has to be heard to be believed and seen to be truly appreciated.

Review – Ed Ford

Photography By Will Carter / Two Finger Media 


Set List

  1. Hurricane
  2. Who Needs A Soul
  3. Big Country
  4. Lion’s Blood
  5. Secrets
  6. Let’s Misbehave
  7. Run Run Run
  8. Be Your Man
  9. Rich Man
  10. I Don’t Believe It
  11. Thunder Child
  12. City Lights



  1. Living The Dream
  2. War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)


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