Words: Emmie Ellis
Images: Graham Finney http://www.grahamfinneyphotography.co.uk/


Papa Roach are back in the UK with their Crooked Teeth tour! It’s a moment fans have been waiting for since their last visit in 2015 and they were more than ready for this tonight. Papa Roach have had a career that has spanned well over 20 years and shows no sign of stopping. Having released 9 albums with the latest earlier this year, they have continued to create massive hits and have grown their fan base year on year with their music being passed on to the next generation. The fans here at  Manchester Apollo are ready to celebrate their favourite band tonight.


The build-up to the band hitting the stage was perfectly made to get the crowd going. With a huge curtain hiding the stage with the cover for their latest album on it. Once the curtain dropped and the intro track played the crowd went wild. Taking the self-titled track from the album this was the moment we all knew it would be one hell of a night!


Right from the get-go the band gave the crowd pure energy! Papa Roach played some fan favourites from their entire career including “Face Everything And Rise”, “Getting Away With Murder” and “She Loves Me Not”. All around the venue voices could be heard singing every song along with the band. Jacoby Shaddix encouraged the crowd to make as much noise as they could and spent time interacting with the crowd. He was especially encouraging towards the large mosh pit that had opened in the middle of the room and not once closed from start to finish of the night.


As part of their set list fans were not expecting the cover of Blurs “Song 2” however the entire room lit up during this song. But that was not the only cover that we were treated to that night. During “Forever” the band went into playing a beautiful tribute to Chester Bennington by playing “In The End”. During this every voice joined in tribute to the late Bennington. At the end of the track, Shaddix spoke to the crowd about the sadness of losing people who are close to us and how the power of music can help to save these people and help them through dark periods like it had helped him. This then opened up for “American Dreams” and for this the crowd went wild. The following 2 tracks of the night fitted perfectly into the set with a slow version of “Lifeline” and “Help” one of the singles off the latest album.


Now while most encores are just 2-3 songs, these guys went for an epic 5! Kicking off with “None Of The Above” and going straight into “Blood Brothers”. This crowd was more than happy to keep going with these guys. With fans continuing to go mental within the pit and crowd surfing to the front. One fan enjoyed surfing that much he made it to the stage at least 6 times(!) and even got a high-five from Shaddix himself, which will be one memory from tonight he’ll never forget.

During “Dead Cell” Shaddix even opened up a circle pit with the fans in the mosh pit showing, even more, love for these guys (and girls) who were completely letting loose. But the real star of the encore was “Last Resort”, possibly the most well known and well-loved track that the band has ever written! With Shaddix not even needing to sing the crowd went mental! At the end of the track, Shaddix came down to the barrier and poured a huge bucket of water over himself and the crowd. Unfortunately for Shaddix, he forgot to take his earpiece and out and got the band to count him into the final song of the night, “…To Be Loved”. The night ended on a perfect high and was everything and more that these fans came here tonight to expect.

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