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10 Years Live Review Underworld Camden
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It’s another quiet Tuesday night and summer is slowly waving goodbye to begrudging Londoners. The sun is giving us a few more days of its warmth but it feels more like a one-sided breakup, we want it to stay but that bright ball of fires summer fling with us has got to move on. It will be missed but we have plenty to look forward to, with festivals finished, bands now go on UK and European tours which gives us plenty to do! To get things going in autumn a cult favourite band called 10 Years are playing in London for the first time in over a decade! And fans are excited to say the least. This show is going down in one of my very favourite venues, Camden underworld. This venue always offers an intimate band to crowd show and gives a feeling of exclusivity as BIG bands have played there even though it is not the largest venue. The line-up for this show is unusual, most gigs have either one support or two but this had five! The show started with My Silent Bravery at 6pm and Church Girls at 6:45 pm, unfortunately due to the London transport system missed these two because as Londoners know it take an hour to get anywhere! Saying that I do have plenty more bands to see, hopefully next time My Silent Bravery and Church Girls.


Florence Black


The first band I managed to catch was Florence Black, these boys hail from the land of rolling hill and sheep, the beautiful Wales. Wales is prided on its export of bands such as Skindred, Bullet for my valentine and I can now say Florence Black. These boys did not hold back, with their fast-paced rock they got the seeming timid at first crowd moving around and swaying their heads in unison. It’s a great sight to see a long-haired rock three-piece rock band put so much energy and passion into their shows. Imagine if Black Stone Cherry had a love child with Pantera, that’s what Florence Black is. I have to give credit to the skill this band has but most of all hats off to the drummer, I’ve always felt drummers are not appreciated as much but this dude was an animal! The way he played really set the tone for the band, smashing his cymbals and drumming as if there was no tomorrow, 10/10 dude! I can only imagine what a crowd would be like if they played a home-town show on a Saturday night, the energy must be electric, I for one would very much like to see that.


Psycho Village


After Florence Blacks sizzling start the music takes a different turn, we now go from hard rock to something I can only describe as Industrial Metal, Techno, Placebo kind of band. A world away from Florence Black. When you have a show where each band represents a different genre its always interesting. It gets people from each fan group to try listening to something that they would listen to usually. The first thing I noticed about this Austrian trio is their stage layout, on each side of the stage were to screens projecting moving images of news reports with the first few songs but then after they switched to trippy animations. Each song had their own videos and animations it was quite impressive. These guys are very unique, the use of synth, heavy bass and light vocals give them a sound not easily replicated.



Saving Abel



So, from band from Austria we now take another step in a veeeery different direction, the Deep South. Coming all the way from the state of Mississippi, Saving Abel played in the UK for the first time ever, which didn’t faze them one bit. The band plays a very different kind of rock that the UK isn’t used to so the shows can go either way, luckily it went in their favour and were received well. Their guitar tone is amazing, the two guitarists nailed the southern rock vibe, it really made you feel like you were in the deep south having a cold beer after a long day of hunting alligators. The vocals sound like Kid Rock if he actually had talent, and luckily Saving Abels singer had a lot of it! The whole look of the band was great; they had the full southern look (as they are from the south), im talking cowboy hats, sleeveless t-shirts, American flag tattoos and plenty of jean chains and jewellery. They really did bring a bit of their home to ours.


10 Years


Now, for the main event: After and eclectic bunch of supports from all over we have the band 10 Years. This band also from the states has been around for a long time, they first formed in 1999 and in some opinions, became the alternative voice of the 00’s. Before this band came on I decided to talk to some of my friends who came to see 10 years as they are long-time fans, the passion in their voice as they talked about them really impressed me and I became very excited to see them. One friend even said that their new album ‘(How to live) As ghosts’ is there best album yet! I have to say that it is very rare for a band from the early 00’s whom people love to say that their new stuff is better, hats off to you boys! The band have definitely grown into themselves, they admitted being nervous as they haven’t been to the UK in so long but I honestly think they smashed it! I honestly don’t think they have peaked yet in their career and think they will release some more amazing songs in the future.


The music they make is so emotional and atmospheric, the guitar is Nu-Metal in style and vibe but it doesn’t over power songs, the band as a whole gives the songs layers of sound and ambiance. I really enjoy the vocals Jesse Hasek brought to the table, im struggling to find a comparison, which is great! When watching them play together it was a lot of fun, the crowd was clearly there to see them and they sang their hearts out to one of their most well-known songs wasteland. This was a gig that pleasantly surprised me, I can now say I am a fan of 10 years! If you haven’t given them a listen yet do it! And check out their new album, I’ve had it on repeat for 2 days now!


Review & Photography: Thomas J Pratt 

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