Chatting between the team members we all have our thoughts on what we are looking forward to at this years Bloodstock Festival. Under a week to go now and it’s all starting to feel very real, with a plethora of bands to see, how do you plan your weekend and who is on your must see list?

Mark – Editor 

I am a Bloodstock virgin, so the overall experience of this festival will be the main thing I am looking forward to, catching up with team members and soaking up the atmosphere that you get at an event such as BOA will be awesome! Of course you cannot ignore the gargantuan headliners playing, Judas Priest, Gojira and Nightwish will be amazing to see live. Out of the three big hitters I am most looking forward to Gojira as an old RNL team member rants and raves about them live.

Orphanland and Alien Weaponry will be must see for me, Kamikazee Test Pilots who we reviewed previously and more than a few from the M2TM competition to see how they handle the occasion and of course recognise the unbelievable talent across the UK right now! DevilDriver and Wednesday 13 and of course Mr Big – Who doesn’t love a Paul Gilbert solo!

I’ll defo be checking to the Ram Gallery Exhibitors, various bars and food establishments to get that full BOA experience !!!

Emmie – Rock ‘N’ Load Reviewer 

Bands I’m looking forward to at BOA 2018.


When I learnt that WWE star Chris Jericho has a band, curiosity got the better of me. I was pleasantly surprised and have since become a fan. They have a real old school Heavy Metal feel that makes them a great listen. With Jericho being a high profile wrestler I’m expecting a great stage show and I’ve no doubt he’ll make one hell of a front man!

Judas Priest

I’ve always been a fan of older music from Black Sabbath to Motley Crue and because of this it’s not all that often I get a chance to see some of my favourite bands live. Judas Priest is no exception to this so for the opportunity to see these gods of metal perform live I am well and truly excited!

Wednesday 13

This has always been a band that have piqued my interest. This style of metal is not something I usually listen to but there is something that just pulls me in with this band. Right from their first album ​Fang Bang ​they have had this appeal that is difficult to describe but it just is. So I’m really hoping to catch this set and strike them off my bucket list.


I was surprised to see this band on the line up but I’m far from disappointed! Pirate Metal is a whole different level of music and is always good for a mood booster. These guys are a band that are all about the good times and having some fun so I’ve no doubt that this set won’t be any different.

Night wish

What’s not to love about a female fronted Metal band?! With eerily beautiful vocals and heavy riffs they have created something truly special. These are another band that I’ve been desperate to tick off the bucket list 9f must see bands.


This is a band who only hit my radar last year but have certainly become apart of my playlists. The mix of screaming vocals and melodic female vocals just works. It also doesn’t help I’ve become a sucker for a female vocalist.


I managed to see this band last year as they supported Heidevolke and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed them. This medieval style of music which may sound odd is absolutely mesmerising. Vocalist .. has this voice that takes you back in time. Having seen them deal with a power cut with absolute professionalism I have no doubt they will put on a great performance.

Ed Ford – Rock ‘N’ Load Reviewer 

I first went to Bloodstock in 2014 for my stag do. I was immediately taken with the friendliness of the festival and how relaxed it all felt. I wanted to go to Bloodstock as I had been to other festivals before and had read how special Bloodstock is so wanted to experience it for myself. I had watched some of the live streams of years before and decided that it was the perfect chance to experience it for myself.

My highlights from that year were Hatebreed, Down, Decapitated, Carcass, Hellyeah (in the pit whilst dressed up with a pink flashing headdress on as part of my stag do), Amon Amarth and Megadeath. I watched so many bands that weekend, far more than at any other festival I had attended.

In 2015 I went for the Sunday and loved every minute, taking in Cannibal Corpse, Black Label Society and Rob Zombie. After I had raved about the festival so much my wife also joined me for the day. She too shared my thoughts around the positive and friendly vibe of the festival.

I didn’t make it in 2016 however 2017 I went for another day, meeting with fellow Rock N Load writer, Pete Wooding.

I managed to see Abhorrent Decimation, Gods, Municipal Watse, Hatebreed (losing my Carnal Decay hat in the pit), Kreator and finally Ghost. What a day that was.

This year I will be there for the weekend, arriving on the Thursday lunch time with Pete.

On my watch list this year are


Sodomized Cadaver – Welsh wonders in the heavier side of Metal

Bloodbath – I have been a fan for some time now, never seen them live

Suicidal Tendancies – its Suicidal Tendancies!!

Ingested – time to take in some Slamming Brutality

De Profundis- Having reviewed their latest album, it’s fantastic and would like to hear them live.

Kamelot – I reviewed their latest album as well, in fact one of my quotes was used on a poster of theirs!

Emperor – The Black Metal giants.

Judas Priest – Saw them at Wolverhampton Civic a few years ago and the new album is brilliant.


Voodoo Sioux – West Midlanders playing grove rock.

Power Trip – a band that I have followed for a while but never seen.

Septicflesh – When I completed a survey for Bloodstock, these were a band I said id love to see play, and here they are. I can’t wait.

Venom Inc. – Having seen them and reviewed the live experience for Rock N Load when they played at Birmingham Asylum, its going to be a fantastic experience, maybe even playing a little ‘Black Metal!’

Cannibal Corpse – one of the first heavier bands I ever really got into. I see them whenever I can and don’t forget your Hawaiian Shirt (for the Ace Ventura link)

Gojira – wow, the albums are incredible, the live experience is off the charts. Having seen them live a few times now they never cease to amaze.


Fozzy – Its Chris Jericho, breathe it in man!!!

Mr Big – Legends and something a little different

Jasta- as a massive Hatebreed fan, here is the front man, bringing with him some friends, including Dino from Fear Factory and Kirk from Crowbar.

Devildriver – The new album of country covers is a favourite of mine. They always play fantastic live shows.

At The Gates – such good fun live, last time I saw them it was rather energetic in the pit.

Watain – Black Metal brilliance, a band Iv never seen.

Nightwish  – some symphonic Metal to close the weekend.

Bloodstock for me is an escape from life, to be around like minded friendly people and take in some incredible music.


We shall see you all there!


BLOODSTOCK weekend tickets with camping are still available at £145 (+ bkg fee), with children’s weekend tickets only £35 (+ bkg fee).  Kids under 4 years go free! Weekend tickets are selling faster than ever and like last year, are likely to sell out before the event, so don’t delay if you want to guarantee entry to the UK’s best metal weekender!  Adult one day tickets remain available priced £65 (+ bkg fee) and child day tickets at £20 (+ bkg fee) over at  


Thinking about how to get to BLOODSTOCK?  Official travel partner BIG GREEN COACH are more than happy to transport you and all your camping gear from 23 pick-up points all over the country to right inside the festival gates.  Check out the details at  Alternatively, if you’re driving to the festival and have a space in your car or are seeking to hitch a ride from your area, post your trip on GOCARSHARE’s website to match up with a friendly metaller and help each other travel to BLOODSTOCK!  You’ll even be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to next year’s festival just by using the GOCARSHARE scheme.  Full details over at




BLOODSTOCK will take place at Catton Park, Derbyshire on 9th-12th August 2018.  Get additional information over at

For more info on the RAM Gallery, check out or




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