You Can’t Help But Love Bree Jaxson In ‘Make Me Hate You’

You Can’t Help But Love Bree Jaxson In ‘Make Me Hate You’

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March 29, 2021 (Nashville, TN) – Yesterday, country songstress Bree Jaxson surprised fans with the music video for “Make Me Hate You.” It is now posted to her VEVO channel. The corresponding single, which is available on all digital download and streaming platforms, made Apple Hot Tracks last month after it premiered with Got Country Online. 

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“Make Me Hate You” describes the sorrow of broken love. The blue-tinged complexion of the music video compliments the melancholic character of the song perfectly. It opens on Bree Jaxson comfy and cosy in her bed, looking back on a strained relationship that recently came to a close. It wasn’t all bleak — there were joyful moments mixed in with the sad. Breaking the fourth wall, Jaxson uses her memories to craft the song that she is singing, jotting down notes and melodies into her songwriting journal. She’s writing about her desire for her ex-lover to scorn her so badly that she’d no longer have to miss him. She begs for an easy way to get closure and move on. 

“This song represents the anguish of a torn relationship. The want and desire for someone to do something so awful that it is easier for you to walk away than to be tormented by the uncertainty of the future or past,” Jaxson says of the single.

The “Make Me Hate You” music video tackles her fraught relationship’s past, present and potential future. All outcomes are portrayed in vivid detail and give the viewer a clear picture of why Jaxson would want her once-loved to make her hate him. It achieves the difficult task of delivering visuals that are as striking as Jaxson’s lyrics.

“Make Me Hate You”
Written and Performed by Bree Jaxson
Initial Production by Daniel Ford
Guitar: Chris Condon
Bass: Caleb Mundry
Drums: Daniel Ford
Mixed by Daniel Ford
Mastered by
Daniel Bacigal and Raelynn Janicke at Infrasound Music
Video Directed and Edited by Ryan Davis
Video Produced by Ryan Davis and Bree Jaxson
Colorist: Ryan Davis
Connect with Bree Jaxson
Biography: A native of Baltimore, Maryland, singer-songwriter Bree Jaxson uses the hip-hop, pop and rock influences of her youth to shape her unique country sound. After graduating from a local performing arts high school, she joined the Air Force in 2010. The Afghanistan combat war veteran now holds the rank of Deputy Commander for Cyberspace Operations in the U.S. Air National Guard. Throughout her professional career, Bree has traveled the world, seeing different cultures and meeting different people. She tries to express this in her music through honest, open and relatable lyrics and life stories. Inspirations of hers include Maren Morris, Lauren Alaina, Adele and Lindsey Ell. Jaxson’s first career single, “Kryptonite,” was released in December 2018. Two years later, she signed a distribution deal with Heart Songs Records. She will be releasing her debut EP “This is Me” in early 2021.
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