Musical Innovator Jeff Tuohy Takes Listeners Back to “Old Roads”

Musical Innovator Jeff Tuohy Takes Listeners Back to “Old Roads”

July 14th, 2021 (Nashville, TN): Old Roads,” the new single from Jeff Tuohy’s upcoming album, Hudson Delta, is a classic love letter to small towns across America and the memories they evoke. The winding backroads take you home physically and emotionally; keeping you in touch with your roots and leaving open the possibility of new adventures to come.

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It isn’t often that we feel the urge to move ourselves to a song we hear for the first time, and it’s even less often that we are singing along by the last chorus during that initial listen. Cue “Old Roads.” Jeff Tuohy’s newest release is a slow-burning, anthemic ballad about returning to one’s roots and appreciating the elements that sculpted their character. The song builds beautifully. An unsuspecting riff gives way to a memorable hook, becoming an instant anthem speaking volumes to Tuohy’s honesty as a songwriter.

“Old Roads” can be seen as many things: A love letter to small-town America, and an homage paid to the abundant memories one has of their hometown’s streets and a sign of what’s to come next as Jeff’s journey continues. The song’s memorable hook is affirmed by the raw power of the band, with crashing cymbals highlighting Jeff’s lines in the chorus and searing guitar lines that are played with the highest authority. Jeff also deserves attention for his ability to write chord progressions that tell the listener a story, and his loud belt during the song’s climax serves the song well by providing satisfying punctuation to the conclusion of the track. “Old Roads” is a song that anyone can find meaning in, which is a sign of a true artist and lyricist.

“Old Roads”
Written by Jeff Tuohy
Produced by Brian Forbes and Jeff Tuohy
Mixed by Brian Forbes
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound
Engineered by Brian Forbes and John Roper
Pre-production by Jeremy Goldsmith, John Roper, and Jeff Tuohy
Recorded at Braund Studios (Brooklyn, NY), ADIM Productions (Brooklyn, NY), On Deck Studios (Northfield, CT)

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Jeff Tuohy is a Billboard Award-winning songwriter and rock musician based in New York City. Hailed by Writer’s Boneas “one of the best up-and-coming songwriters in North America,” Tuohy brings a style of music known as Hudson Delta to produce “a high level of musicianship and pop songwriting expertise” (Amplifier Magazine) with “a little bit of grit and a whole lot of soul” (Newport Mercury).

A “daring and multifaceted” performer (Hartford Advocate), he has toured nationally across 41 states. His debut album, BREAKING DOWN THE SILENCE was featured on 120+ radio stations in North America and ranked a D.I.Y. Pick of Performing Songwriter magazine. The new record, HUDSON DELTA follows the success of his sophomore release, COCOON which featured the New Orleans-themed, underground favorite, BOURBON STREET.