Bree Jaxson Invites you to Sip a Martini with her new release Country Heart City Roots

Sip Martinis and Play in the Mud with Afghanistan
Combat War Veteran Bree Jaxson
Country Artist Bree Jaxson Drops Her 1st Single of the Summer 
 (Nashville, TN) – Country Artist Bree Jaxson releases her first song of the summer “Country Heart City Roots”, which debuted on Apple Music’s “Best New Songs” playlist and is now available for streaming and download

Bree Jaxson’s “Country Hearts City Roots” encapsulates what it’s like coming from a big city and still feeling right at home in the South. For this active Air Force service member, the song also represents her lifestyle. Badass by day and classy by night living her best lifel. Through lyrics such as “I can pop and lock or lock and load / whiskey shot or fancy cosmo”, Jaxson contrasts the lifestyle of those living in the city versus the country. When she finishes the chorus with “I got a country heart and city roots”, she’s proclaiming she can gladly balance both sides.  Not only does this country anthem make you want to get up and dance, but it’s a relatable tune for anyone who enjoys a little taste of both worlds.  “I always felt I grew up in the wrong place. We had the clubs and restaurants and the crowds of the city, but I knew in my heart that the country life is where I belonged. I wanted to get muddy and drink beer around the bon fires with my friends. I know that the city life has made me who I am and will always be a part of my roots, but the country is where I belong.” – Bree Jaxson

The song begins with a short strum of a guitar and trails straight into a fast paced bass beat and a brief drum kick. As the first verse begins, a gentle tambourine begins to add to the catchy beat, creating a more traditional country vibe. The beat takes off as the chorus begins, loaded with some enhanced guitar and slight echo of the vocals. The music compliments Jaxson’s incredibly powerful vocals and shows off her vast range. The combination of the upbeat rock/country beat and her strong voice create a vibrant song that commands it’s listeners to get up and dance.

Written by: Bree Jaxson
Initial production by: Daniel Ford Mixed by: Daniel Ford
Mastering: Daniel Bacigal and Raelynn Janicke at Infrasound Music

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Biography: A native of Baltimore, Maryland, singer-songwriter Bree Jaxson uses the hip-hop, pop and rock influences of her youth to shape her unique country sound. After graduating from a local performing arts high school, she joined the Air Force in 2010. The Afghanistan combat war veteran now holds the rank of Deputy Commander for Cyberspace Operations in the U.S. Air National Guard. Throughout her professional career, Bree has traveled the world, seeing different cultures and meeting different people. She tries to express this in her music through honest, open and relatable lyrics and life stories. Inspirations of hers include Maren Morris, Lauren Alaina, Adele and Lindsey Ell. Jaxson’s first career single, “Kryptonite,” was released in December 2018. Two years later, she signed a distribution deal with Heart Songs Records. On February 5, 2021 Bree dropped her single “Make Me Hate You” which debuted on Apple Music Country “Best New Song Playlist” and the ACM (Academy of Country Music) New Music Playlist. She will be releasing her debut EP “This is Me” in early 2021.