Zeal & Ardor - 'Stranger Fruit' - Album Review
Zeal & Ardor - 'Stranger Fruit' - Album Review 9
Zeal & Ardor - 'Stranger Fruit' - Album Review 9
Zeal & Ardor - 'Stranger Fruit' - Album Review 9
Zeal & Ardor - 'Stranger Fruit' - Album Review 9
Zeal & Ardor - 'Stranger Fruit' - Album Review 9
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Zeal & Ardor return with Stranger Fruit, a stunning follow up to their 2017 debut album Devil Is Fine, which announced their arrival with a head turning collection of first class quality songs.

Stranger Fruit is a dark, emotive collection of songs that challenge the senses and ask more of the listener than your usual cookie cutter releases. An all-encompassing audible barrage on its listener, you can’t escape its rich Gospel quality enveloped in an Alternative-Metal skin.

A unique voice indeed, Zeal & Ardor have evolved from Devil Is Fine and put together a monstrous sounding album, which you simply cannot ignore. Hellish sounding riffs fused with Gospel melodies and soulful delivery cloak its audience for a 16-track audible journey that takes you on an out of body experience like no other. If you are willing.

Stranger Fruit is a magnificent example of what can be done beyond the day-to-day radio-induced norm that packs the shelves at the local store. This album should be upfront and centre on said store shelves to serve as an example for what can be done, why we should challenge the norm and what is to be gained by doing so.

Admittedly it may not be for everyone. A bit like Marmite, some may love it, some may hate it. What’s not to be gained by having a little taste?  What’s the worst that can happen?

Stranger Fruit will be available from June 8th in multiple formats, including CD, cassette, vinyl, and digital download/stream. Vinyl fans can choose between the 2LP 180g gatefold vinyl or the 2LP limited deluxe 180g triple gatefold purple vinyl.


Track List

1 ‘Intro
2 ‘Gravedigger’s Chant’
3 ‘Servants’
4 ‘Don’t You Dare’
5 ‘Fire of Motion’
6 ‘The Hermit’
7 ‘Row Row’
8 ‘Ship on Fire’
9 ‘Waste’
10 ‘You Ain’t Coming Back’
11 ‘The Fool’
12 ‘We Can’t Be Found’
13 ‘Stranger Fruit’
14 ‘Solve’
15 ‘Coagula’
16 ‘Built on Ashes’

Zeal & Ardor will also be hitting the UK festival scene this summer, so catch them while you can.


UK Dates

04.06.2018 UK – London, Village Underground
10.06.2018 UK – Donington Park, Download Festival
17.08.2018 UK – Bristol, ArcTanGent Festival
24.08.2018 UK – Northampton, Shambala Festival







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