You Me At Six -​VI - Album Review
You Me At Six -​VI - Album Review 10
You Me At Six -​VI - Album Review 10
You Me At Six -​VI - Album Review 10
You Me At Six -​VI - Album Review 10
You Me At Six -​VI - Album Review 10
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You Me At Six ​are back! ​VI ​is the seventh studio album from the Pop Punk band and is the follow up to 2017’s ​Night People. ​With a release date of the 5th October, the band have already released 4 singles ahead of the full album.

VI ​is a mixed bag of tracks from the more upbeat such as “Back Again” to the heavier and darker side of tracks like “Straight To My Head”. The album as a whole is well balanced in a way that makes you keep listening and wanting more. The first single from the album “Fast Forward” explores that heavier sound as it launches into the guitar riffs but it’s ​Josh Franceschi’s​ voice that really helps to take that darker tone to the track. The biggest single to be released so far has been “3AM” with its much more dance feel that hits the Pop side of Pop Punk which the band has always been able to capture. Whereas “Predictable” takes a calmer sound showing the band has explored with their musical direction to create more dimensions to their sound. The album sees the band take on more styles than ever before as they explore with electronic sounds blended with their own personal sound. The riffs are stronger and the lyrics deeper as they show growth and take the next step in their careers.

This is an album just shows that this is a band who go from strength to strength while growing within themselves. Gone are the days of the fun anthems such as “Save It For The Bedroom” as they now take a deeper look on life. ​VI ​is a stand out album from a band who is pushing boundaries on genre types in order to do what they do best – create great music.


VI is released this Friday Oct 5th.



Emmie Ellis.


Track Listing:

1. Fast Forward
 2. Straight To My Head
 3. Back Again
 4. Miracle In The Mourning
 5. 3AM
 6. I O U
 7. Pray For Me
 8. Predictable
 9. Danger
10. Losing You

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