You Know The Drill - 'Selfhood' - EP Review
You Know The Drill - 'Selfhood' - EP Review8
You Know The Drill - 'Selfhood' - EP Review8
You Know The Drill - 'Selfhood' - EP Review8
You Know The Drill - 'Selfhood' - EP Review8
You Know The Drill - 'Selfhood' - EP Review8
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You Know The Drill ​have released their latest EP ​Selfhood​ through Scylla Records. Having spent time in the studio once more after their extensive touring to promote their debut EP, they have plenty still to say for themselves.

Selfhood ​is 5 tracks of Pop-Punk delight as they follow that tried and trusted pattern that makes this genre so much fun. YKTD have also brought a new dynamic to their sound by including guitarist Astley on vocals to assist the already dynamic Yapp. The EP embodies that high energy that they are known for while showing the bands new maturity that comes from spending time on the road together. Each track secures that sound that solidifies them as a band. They are able to slow things down with “Blossom” that talks about relationships where things become stale but also about fighting to make things work. This highlights the maturity the band has found. But there are plenty of those fast tracks on the EP such as “Snake Eyes” which you can check out the video below.

The EP is a well rounded 5 track collection that allows these boys to do what they love while taking a look at themselves in a way that is relatable to their fans as they cover topics which many people have found themselves apart of. ​Selfhood i​ s a discovery of one’s self while having a soundtrack that is fun, catchy and full of energy.

Track list:

  1. Overcast
  2. Homesick
  3. Suspect
  4. Blossom
  5. Snake Eyes




Emmie Ellis 


You Know The Drill Live: 3rd August – O2 Academy, Oxford | 4th August – The Joiners, Southampton | 5th August – The Atomic, Wrexham | 7th August – The Junction, Ashford | 8th August – The Pipeline, Brighton

More From You Know The Drill: Facebook | Twitter | Bigcartel | Spotify

You Know The Drill Released Sophomore EP ‘Selfhood’ Via Scylla Records On 22/06/18. Get It:




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