Will Wilde - 'Bring It On Home' - Album Review
Will Wilde - 'Bring It On Home' - Album Review 9
Will Wilde - 'Bring It On Home' - Album Review 9
Will Wilde - 'Bring It On Home' - Album Review 9
Will Wilde - 'Bring It On Home' - Album Review 9
Will Wilde - 'Bring It On Home' - Album Review 9
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Will Wilde returns with his latest offering Bring It On Home, a sumptuous homage to British and Irish Blues and Rock.

For anyone unfamiliar with the harmonica wielding lunatic that is Will Wilde, perception could be that any such album from Will would be ten or eleven tracks of instrumental self indulgence, but let me rest assure you that any such thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead you have is a superb take on old classic’s by a top notch collection of musicians that just lift these old beauties to another level.

Now we all love our originals, but a tasteful and individual take on a Blues or Rock staple is a rare thing, here you have ten seriously killer covers that if you had been dropped on earth by an alien craft, you’d never know they weren’t the originals. Wilde’s vocals are reminiscent of early Free and Bad Company whilst Danny Giles lays down some beautiful guitar work to compliment, fuse that with intricate and colourful drum work and you have one seriously delicious album.


An unexpected surprise, Bring It On Home is an absolute gem.


Bring It On Home is released March 9th via Rock The Earth/ India Media


Track List:

  1. Bad Penny — Rory Gallagher
  2. Lazy — Deep Purple
  3. I’m Your Witchdoctor -—John Mayall
  4. Locomotive Breath — Jethro Tull
  5. Love That Burns — Fleetwood Mac
  6. Politician — Cream
  7. The Wizard — Black Sabbath
  8. Yer Blues — The Beatles
  9. My Brother Jake — Free
  10. Bring it on Home — Sonny Boy Williamson/Led Zeppelin
  11. Parisienne Walkways — Gary Moore/Phil Lynott







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