Wicked Stone

Wicked Stone

Wicked Stone have arrived ready to rock! Formed in 2015, the band has worked tirelessly in order to release their debut album Ain’t No Rest on October 7th. Wicked Stone are a heavy rock band who take influences from Classic Rock and place a modern edge to it. Full of melodic, hard hitting tracks, their debut album is testament to a band who have worked hard to create something epic. Having toured throughout 2016 to create their fan base, they have been widely accepted as a great up and coming band and their performance at Ramblin’ Man Fair 2016 is proof of that.

Kicking straight into the album with the title track ‘Ain’t No Rest,’ Wicked Stone arrive with a bang. The track is full of heavy riffs set against the melodic vocals of front man Joe Hawx. From start to end the track is definitely one that you can’t sit still to. The chorus is one that is made to be shouted across venues and you’ll soon find yourself singing along. Guitarists James Forrister and Ryan Stageman have some talent, as they provide some heavy sounds and an epic solo. You can check out the video below which has some great clips of the band performing live as well as in the studio.

Recently released as a single, ‘Another Round’ is another great track that showcases this band’s talents. It’s a highly catchy track that like every track from this album you’ll struggle to sit still through. The chorus is quick to pick up and the guitars in this track are spectacular, which is more proof that this band have truly honed their skills. You can check out the video here:

‘The End’ is another fantastic track that is hard hitting and everything we have come to know from this band. Hawx’s vocals give us that great melodic feel that once again blends seamlessly with the heavy riffs and back beat to the track. The lyrics tell a story that is so relevant to this day and age but also telling us that the band know how to write a damn good track. The official video for the track is a lyric one that has become increasingly popular at the moment.


Ain’t No Rest is an all around spectacular album that any rock fan can find enjoyable. With the beautifully written riffs and guitar solos that come from a Classic Rock feel thrown together with the heavy set beats, Wicked Stone provide an altogether great album. The classic sounds to Hawx’s voice provide a sound that is classic yet modern. Simply put this is an album that is just truly amazing.


Ain’t No Rest is released on 7th October.


Track List


‘Ain’t No Rest’

‘One Time’

‘Another Round’

‘Hit It N Quit It’

‘Get In or Get Out’

‘Slide Baby’


‘Sick in Love’

‘The End’

‘Set Me on Fire’


Wicked Stone is:

Joe Hawx – Vocals
Ryan Stageman – Guitars
James Forrister – Lead Guitar
Olly Smith – Drums
James Amos – Bass







Wicked Stone - 'Ain’t No Rest' - Album Review
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