W.A.S.P. - Re-Idolized - The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol - Album Review
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Reidolized is the 25th anniversary release of W.A.S.P.’s legendary concept album The Crimson Idol.

Originally planned as a Blackie Lawless solo album, it was eventually released under the W.A.S.P. name and it features a very strong line up, with the likes of Bob Kulick, Doug Aldrich and Frankie Banali all performing on the record.

For those not familiar with the original release, the album tells the story of the rise and fall of fictional rockstar Jonathan Steel, from his childhood right through until his tragic end. Listening to the album now, it has not lost any of the raw emotion that runs through many of the tracks and it is certainly the most personal of all W.A.S.P’s releases. That’s not to say that the album doesn’t deliver the hard sound that W.AS.P. Built their career on though, with the likes of ‘Chainsaw Charlie’ and ‘The Great Misconceptions of Me’ featuring some great riffs.

For this anniversary release the band have included all of the tracks from the original album, as well as four extra ‘lost tracks’ and the film that was due to accompany the album on it’s initial release. Coming in at over 50 minutes in length, the film in particular is a substantial addition on it’s own right and really enhances the story of Jonathan Steel. Overall Reidolized is a very strong package and an example of how re-releases should be done, with something for both veteran fans of the band and for those new to W.A.S.P.

Steph Bodkin


Track List: Disc One

The Titanic Overture

The Invisible Boy

Arena Of Pleasure

Chainsaw Charlie

The Gypsy Meets The Boy

Michael’s Song

Miss You

Doctor Rockter

Track List: Disc Two

I Am One

The Idol

Hold Onto My Heart

Hey Mama

The Lost Boy

The Peace


The Great Misconceptions Of Me

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