Voices - 'Resurgence' - EP Review
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Indianapolis Melodic-Hardcore outfit Voices have dropped their latest EP Resurgence and it’s a beauty. If you love that balance between beauty and the beast, then Voices have it in droves. An unforgiving brutal assault meshed with finely interwoven melodic interludes creates an audible treat for the senses.

Production is right on the money, so you can fully appreciate the intensity of Clint Simpson and Blaine Gaiser on vocals against the backdrop of down tuned guitars and thumping double bass. It’s a chaotic and frenzied journey through the minds of this sextet but it seems like a fun place to be! You’ll be ready to take on the world after one spin of this manic beauty.

Short and sweet at only six tracks long, you’ll be freaking exhausted by the end of it. It’s all-killer no filler and well worth yo money!


Resurgence is out now across all digital platforms.


Track List


  1. ‘Demons’
  2. ‘Worth’
  3. ‘Nightmare’
  4. ‘Haze’
  5. ‘Forgive and Forget’
  6. ‘Back to Life’



Clint Simpson – Vocals
Blaine Gaiser – Vocals
Drake Dell – Guitar
Tim Snoddy – Guitar
Greg Hill – Bass
Dale Rich – Drums








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