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Rarely do you hear an album that demands your attention so boldly as the latest offering from Emmure with their devastating new release ‘Look At Yourself’

A powerhouse of an album from start to finish, you barely have time between tracks to even contemplate catching your breath. Beautifully produced and crystal clear, you feel the full force of every pounding drum-beat, thumping base and behemoth thrash of the demonic sounding guitars.

Monstrous is not an exaggeration! Brutal pounding riffs and equally sizeable vocals Emmure have delivered a killer album of extraordinary proportion. In succinct delivery the tracks come at you in a fast n’ furious pace with blistering accuracy in every beat.  Impeccable timing and technical ability rages through your speakers as the guys devastate the senses with a barrage of violent and almost overwhelming soundtracks.

An anarchic thing of beauty, from one gargantuan offering to the next there is zero respite.  With the intensity of a raging bull Emmure rip through their distorted and fractured views of this fucked up society and regurgitate it via 13 fucking immense and monumental recordings. If ever there was a band to represent the disenfranchised youth of today Emmure are that band.

With a fresh new line up there is a real obvious chemistry here with Travis, Lockett and Millar who have all previously played together in The Tony Danza Tap Dance Experience and Glass Cloud. Now combined with the intensity and ferocity of Palmeri’s vocals there is a real sense of purpose, the guys immerge with an album of such quality from the off. The bar indeed has been raised and should allow for a new chapter in this powerhouse of a band. Having toured with the likes of Five Finger Death Punch, Killswithch Engage, August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, and We Came As Romans 2017 surely is going to be a mammoth year for Emmure.


‘Look At Yourself’ is out now via Sharptone Records and do yourself a favor and buy this album! it is definitely one of the gems of 2017.


Emmure are


Frankie Palmeri | vocals

Joshua Travis | guitar

Phil Lockett | bass

Josh “Baby J” Miller | drums


Track Listing


1)    You Asked For it

2)    Shinjuku Masterlord

3)     Smokey

4)     Natural Born Killer

5)     Flag Of The Beast

6)     Ice Man Confessions

7)     Russian Hotel Aftermath

8)     Call Me Ninib

9)     Major Key Alert

10)  Turtle In A Hare

11)  Torch

12)  Derelict

13)  Gucci Prison


Web – http://emmurecult.com/ 

Instagram – EMMUREcult 

Twitter – EMMUREmusic 

Watch Flag Of  The Beast – Official Music Video Here 



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