Victory Kid - 'Illenials Vol.1' - EP Review
Victory Kid - 'Illenials Vol.1' - EP Review 8
Victory Kid - 'Illenials Vol.1' - EP Review 8
Victory Kid - 'Illenials Vol.1' - EP Review 8
Victory Kid - 'Illenials Vol.1' - EP Review 8
Victory Kid - 'Illenials Vol.1' - EP Review 8
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Brand new on the scene comes Victory Kid with their debut EP Illenials Vol.1. Having formed as a collective band only this year, each member has an extensive experience in the music business. With this they have created a blend of Punk and Ska that is politically charged and full of great melodies.

With only four tracks released so far, the band shows a lot of promise. The first track is also their first single to be released, and sets the tone for this band completely. ‘My World’begins with such a catchy bass beat and leads into a very Ska-influenced rhythm. As the chorus sets in, it is clear that the melodies this band is aiming for are those high energy and enthusiastic sounds. Lyrically they are very clearly influenced by the world around them with the track ‘Tuck Frump’, which is highly relevant to the current times.

Victory Kids are making their mark in the world with this EP. With the help of Allan Hessler (Goldfinger, Serj Tankian) and Reel Big Fish’s Matt Appleton, they have had some impressive support so far. This is no doubt not the last we’ll hear of this band as they bring that old school feel of Pop Punk up to date with their relevant writing and infectious sound.




Emmie Ellis


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