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This is the first full length release by German Black Metal band Verheerer, following their EP Archar.

‘Oratio’ is the opening track to the album, and begins with the sounds of a Gothic church and progresses into something reminiscent of the soundtrack to a black and white horror film. The simple introduction leads to the inclusion of electric guitars and ends with the statement ‘Onward.’

‘Kulyst’ bursts into a high paced chaotic combination of constantly changing guitar notes, dark riffs and dramatic drums used together with classic Black Metal vocals.

The audible pandemonium comes together perfectly and creates the fantastic sound of good Black Metal, with slight changes between different tracks. ‘Vertigo’ includes some military style drumming, leading us forward for a full Black Metal assault.

The title track ‘Maltrèr’ has a folk style introduction, leading into slow melody and then a return to the glorious organised chaos that is Verheerer.

This release is not ground-breaking nor is it anything new, however it is a very good raw Black Metal release that makes you want to paint your face and burn down a church!

Maltrèr is out now via Vendetta Records 

Track List


  1. ‘Oratio’
  2. ‘Kultyst’
  3. ‘Vertigo’
  4. ‘Maltrér’
  5. ‘Anima Sola’
  6. ‘Nachtfall’
  7. ‘Heimgang’

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