Venues - Aspire - Album Review
Venues - Aspire - Album Review 8
Venues - Aspire - Album Review 8
Venues - Aspire - Album Review 8
Venues - Aspire - Album Review 8
Venues - Aspire - Album Review 8
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Venues debut album Aspire follows a recent three track EP which earned rave reviews. These German rockers really bring energy and passion to the table with this record. Seen as a Post-Hardcore band, they bring so much more to the table with excellent musicianship and dreamy vocals from the two vocalists.

Starting with the lead single ‘We Are One’ an exceptionally catchy chorus, the type that would get stuck in your head for days. The chemistry between the two vocalists, Nyves and Robin, really standing out, building the energetic verses up to the heartfelt catchy chorus. Clever little pitch and key changes toward the end of the track show that Venues aren’t happy to just toe the line and keep it simple, finishing off a stunning first track.

Track number two slows things down a touch with ‘Lights’, showcasing their wide range of talents, including Nyves with fast spoken – almost rapped vocals in the pre chorus. This track is definitely more radio friendly, but take nothing away from this, as it is great that Venues are showing such versatility on a debut album.

‘Fading Away’ featuring Chris Wieczorek from another impressive German band in Annisokay, comes in at track number four. The intent to make songs incredibly catchy seems to be a trend with Venues, as another brilliantly written track with singalong choruses gets stuck in your head. Chris can be heard in the latter two choruses, complimenting perfectly with Robin’s dreamlike vocals. ‘Ignite’ almost finishes as good as the album starts, the guitaring shines in the verses, behind blissful vocals. Nyves unclean vocals are also a highlight in this end track, with the song ending calmly with Robins vocals and piano seeing out the end of this spectacular album.

Venues, forming in 2015, have brought their energetic live displays to their first LP and it is something well worth listening to. They really have put hard work and determination into this and delivered a fine debut album.


Peter Watts




Aspire is out now via Arising Empire Records



  1. We Are One
  2. Lights
  3. The Longing
  4. Fading Away
  5. The Epilogue
  6. Dilemma
  7. My True North
  8. Star Children
  9. Nothing Less
  10. Shades Of Memory
  11. Silence
  12. Ignite

Venues are:

Nyves Krithinidou – Vocals
Robin Baumann – Vocals
Constantin Ranis – Guitar
Toni Lixx – Guitar
Florian Brett – Bass
Dennis Vanhöfen – Drums

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