Vega - 'Only Human' - Album Review
Vega - 'Only Human' - Album Review9
Vega - 'Only Human' - Album Review9
Vega - 'Only Human' - Album Review9
Vega - 'Only Human' - Album Review9
Vega - 'Only Human' - Album Review9
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Five albums in, and Vega are showing no signs of slowing down. Only Human finds the band in fine form, coming out swinging with an album packed with bright, punchy, swaggering Melodic Rock. The songs and production (handled by Harem Scarem’s Harry Hess) are slick and polished, combined with real heart and soul. Vocalist Nick Workman delivers each song with genuine conviction, leaving you in no doubt these guys really love what they’re doing, and what’s more they really want to take you along for the ride.


Shades of Def Leppard intertwine with Queenesque breaks (check out the break in ‘Last Man Standing’) to deliver an album that will satisfy the most hardened ’80s Rock fan, but this is not a band content with emulating their influences. Vega inject their songs with a modern rock edge, meaning tracks like the fist-punching ‘Worth Dying For’ sound unmistakably theirs. From the uplifting ‘Come Back Again’ to the brooding, swelling sound of ‘Standing Still’, Vega have crafted an album built for the stage. If there’s any justice, that stage will be getting bigger and bigger for them. Excellent.


Only Human is available now via Frontiers Music.


Pete Wooding





Track List

  1. ‘Let’s Have Fun Tonight’
  2. ‘Worth Dying For’
  3. ‘Last Man Standing’
  4. ‘Come Back Again’
  5. ‘All Over Now’
  6. ‘Mess You Made’
  7. ‘Only Human’
  8. ‘Standing Still’
  9. ‘Gravity’
  10. ‘Turning Pages’
  11. ‘Fade Away’


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