Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown - Album Review
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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown have returned with a killer collection of tracks to announce a self-titled album worthy of the name. It kicks off with Tyler’s signature fuzz / distorted guitar and blows the doors off the hinges with a bitchin’ opening track in ‘Heartland.’ The album as a whole has a more mature feel, showing the guys’ growth as a unit. These guys have toured the world of late supporting the biggest names in Rock and that kind of experience you just can’t buy.

It’s obvious these guys have been soaking all that up and have laid down 11 hard-hitting tracks to leave you breathless. Songs like ‘Weak and Weepin’’ have an old school Aerosmith feel and they are fused in between Tyler’s bluesy roots alongside huge sounding tracks like ‘Easy Target.’ There’s something for old and new TBSD fans here, and marks a new era for these guys. If you have been slow getting on the train, now’s the time cos this bad boy ain’t stopping for nobody!


Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown is out now via Spinefarm Records.


Track List


  1. ‘Heartland’
  2. ‘Don’t Mind the Blood’
  3. ‘Jealous Me’
  4. ‘Backfire’
  5. ‘Ramblin’ Bones’
  6. ‘Weak and Weepin’’
  7. ‘Manipulate Me’
  8. ‘Easy Target’
  9. ‘Magnetic Field’
  10. ‘Aftershock’
  11. ‘Into the Black’






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