The Tides Of Man - 'Every Nothing' - Album Review
The Tides Of Man - 'Every Nothing' - Album Review10
The Tides Of Man - 'Every Nothing' - Album Review10
The Tides Of Man - 'Every Nothing' - Album Review10
The Tides Of Man - 'Every Nothing' - Album Review10
The Tides Of Man - 'Every Nothing' - Album Review10
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Tides Of Man are a curious thing, a band that started out, as you would expect with a vocalist until a dramatic shift occurred, and the band was once again searching to fill that void.

Fast forward and through a process of self-realisation and self-awareness, Tides Of Man made the decision to continue without vocals, instead moving in an instrumental direction and allowing their music to instead speak volumes. Every Nothing is their latest incarnation and see’s the Tampa, Florida quartet relay their thoughts, fears and emotions through twelve dark and transient tracks that have a deep cinematic quality to them that fills the void around you.

Beautifully composed, each and every track is like a wave of emotion released to shake off this mortal coil, allowing you to breathe and take in your surroundings. Emotive and rich in layers, each track has subtle nuances that resonate and lift you on a sonic journey from the first minute to the last.

Like a movie soundtrack, Every Nothing is as deep and complex as a Kubrick classic. There’s a beauty in its simplicity, a band that is not trying to prove anything to anyone through a barrage of unnecessary notes, no Prog-Rock explosive scales or whirlwind solos here. Instead you are treated to a dozen beautifully poised, sublimely penned melodies that envelope you like a warm blanket on a cold dark night.

Every Nothing is a modern day classic, a delicacy to be savoured and enjoyed by the masses and not just the few.

Independently released August 3rd Every Nothing has arrived.



Track Listing:

Static Hymn

Mercury Fields

New Futures

Far Off

Old 88


Keep Telling Yourself

Everything is Fine, Everyone Is Happy

Death Is No Dread Enemy

Outside Ourselves


Infinite Ceilings

Tides Of Man will be bringing their new music on tour throughout the next year. With an appearance lined up at ArcTanGent Festival this August in Bristol, UK, the band will be touring Europe in support of Every Nothing. More plans to tour are in the works as the band looks forward to fall/winter and into 2019.

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