Greek rockers 1000mods are back with their 3rd album ‘Repeated Exposure To’ and this just might be their finest yet. The album opener immediately sets the bar high with ‘Above 179’ and its enigmatic intro, with its hefty opening track just pulling you in, there’s no escaping this enslaving riff.

‘Loose’ ramps up the pace with its pulsating rhythm smacking you right between the eyes, shaking you to the core and screaming at you “Take fucking notice”. With its heavy, down tuned banging riff and alluring vocals it just endorses 1000mods as Greek Rock Gods. ‘Electric Carve’ arrives with the guys franticly battering their instruments in a high energy track that the likes of Billy Talent would have been proud to pen.

‘The Son’ offers a false sense of security that the guys have a sensitive side, with its teasing opening melody luring you in, right before that blow to the head, a change of pace mid way through the track is a reminder that there are different layers to the song writing of 1000mods. ‘A.W.’ arrives at pace, keeping the momentum set previously and delivers another quality track.

‘On A Stone’ is another beautifully penned and heavy thumping track, providing a cohesive and fluent feeling throughout ‘Repeated Exposure to’ revealing consistently high standards from beginning to end. ‘Groundhog Day’ again peels back another layer with overdubbed harmonies on the vocals and an ethereal feel, 1000mods are no one trick pony.

The album closer ‘Into The Spell’ finishes the album beautifully, with a sumptuous bass line and drawn out intro it just invites you to give it your full attention, unleashing a full force riff and vocals, it ties this album together superbly. I love the mid song tempo change and instrumental ending, reminiscent days rehearsing with mates beating out rhythm after rhythm hoping something would stick, I get the feeling that 1000mods are just four guys who love doing what they do, they have a very raw feel about their music, almost like a jamming session in a garage which could be in any town, anywhere in the world from middle America to the middle of Milton Keynes.

A multi layered album with depth and quality in every track, song writing beyond their years 1000mods have unleashed a statement of intent with ‘Repeated Exposure To’.

With a modest following for a band of this character, 1000mods will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows with their 3rd release. They are a highly experienced well travelled quartet unleashing their signature song writing to the masses, 2017 will be beyond question a busy year for these guys. The album was produced by 1000mods and George Leodis, engineered by George Leodis at Wreck It Sound Studios, Korinthos, GR, during the summer of 2016, mixed by George Leodis and 1000mods and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Corrosion of Conformity, Nails, Beastmilk, Obituary, Yob etc.) at Audiosiege Studios, Portland OR, USA. ‘Repeated Exposure To’ is Released Dec 5th.

Track Listing

1) Above 179

2) Loose

3) Electric Carve

4) The Son

5) A.W.

6) On A Stone

7) Groundhog Day

8) Into The Spell

1000 Mods - 'Repeated Exposure To' - Album Review
9Overall Score

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