Blues pop sensation The Kings Parade, will be releasing their upcoming EP ‘Haze’ on May 12th. Having sold out London’s Oslo on their debut European tour, the EP launch party on May 11th is set to be one fantastic night.

The London based quartet featuring Ollie Corpe, Sam Rooney, Tom English and Chris Brent have fused together a cool sound of blues pop with a soulful thread running throughout. Melodic harmonies form the foundation for The Kings Parade sound and they create an atmosphere reminiscent of progressive genres.

The title track and lead single ‘Haze’, demonstrates Ollie Corpe’s fantastic vocal ability and the track features a cool build up to the chorus. The soulful ‘Not Yet’, has a unique rhythm aided by dominant cymbals which gives the track a brilliant depth to the sound.

The track you would expect to be played in a classy wine bar has got to be ‘Of Stone’, for its stunning harmonies and groove laden rhythm, it also carries a subtle Jazz feel. The third track on the EP entitled ‘Mother Tongue’, exudes a summer festival vibe with its catchy chorus and heartfelt lyrics that listeners can really connect with.

The Kings Parade have a classy, soulful sound that will be loved by many blues, pop and indie fans. Their EP launch party is on May 11th at London’s Oslo and the EP ‘Haze’ will be released on May 12th.

Track Listing 

1) Not Yet 

2) Of Stone 

3) Mother Tongue

4) Haze 

The Kings Parade – ‘Haze’ – EP Review
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