From the opening track ‘Castaway’ on The Frankly’s debut album “Are You Listening” you are instantly captured by the all girl band. The sound is pure garage and has a great pop feel to it. The 4 members, half Swedish half British, have a hint of The Runaways and certainly provide a raw edge that is present throughout the album.
 ‘Puppet’ has a riff that certainly makes you want to dance. Jen Ahlkvist’s voice although still holding the raw edge provides a more pop inspired side to the song.
The girls show us a darker side with ‘Keeper’ that has a much more deeper riff carried by Fanny Broberg. Ahlkvists voice carries softer yet more edgier than on previous tracks which provides an almost creepier sound.
 But if your looking for a track to move to ‘Comedown’ is the one you want. Lexi Clark provides the back bone of this track on the drums and provides that foot-tapping beat that you can’t help but move to. Other album highlights include their latest single ‘Weasel’, ‘Imaginarium’ and ‘You Go I Leave’. The girls said of  the recording “We made a conscious decision to try and make as versatile record as possible with a mixture of energetic pop rock songs together with garage, punk, indie, hard rock and funk. Listening to it from start to finish really is a journey through all stages of our live show.” Produced by Sean Douglas, The Franklys and Jimmy O and Mikey Sorbello of The Graveltones, “We have finally managed to transfer the energy and how we sound live on to a record.”
The mix of strong heavy riffs with the straight talking lyrics is captivating to listen to and it’s all held together with the steady bass provided by Zoe Biggs and Clark’s drums which creates something that is rare to hear in music at the moment.It is an album I haven’t stopped listening to since I first turned it on and I’ll certainly be trying to catch them on their UK tour this month!
 To celebrate the release of  ‘Are You listening?’ album, The Franklys embark on an extensive tour and play a special album launch show in London at The Old Blue Last on May 10th, where the band promise “a hairy rock fest!”
 Are You Listening?  is an unequivocal triumph. So, are you?

Are You Listening? 
track listing
1.         Castaway
2.         Weasel
3.         Puppet
4.         Keeper
5.         You Go, I Leave
6.         Don’t Kill Your Friends
7.         Too Tall
8.         Imaginarium
9.         Comedown
10.       Bad News



The Franklys are
Jennifer Ahlkvist – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Fanny Broberg – Lead guitar /Backing Vocals
Zoë Biggs – Bass
Lexi Clark – Drums
The Franklys Tour dates 
10th       The Old Blue Last  London
19th       Esquires  Bedford 
24th       Full Moon Cardiff
25th       Cavern Club  Exeter
26th       Voodoo Lounge Stamford
27th The Doghouse Nottingham
28th       The Golden Fleece Chelmsford
31st Crauford Arms  Milton Keynes


1st Underground Bradford 
2nd  Star Inn Guilford
3rd   Camden Rocks  London
7th  Firebug  Leicester
8th  Lending Room Leeds
9th   Fibbers  York
10th   Jumpin’ Jacks Newcastle 


8th Tannerfest


5th Verve Bar Leeds
6th Rebellion  Festival
The Franklys – ‘Are You Listening’ – Album Review
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