Jesus H Christ! Runs through my mind as the album opener ‘Down On The Ropes’ blasts through my headphones and I’m immersed in metal heaven. The sheer ferocity and dynamic delivery of vocalist Caroline Westendorp just takes my breath away. Wrap that up in thrashing guitars and thumping drums and bass and you are immediately grabbed by the intensity, magnitude and intelligence on display here and you just have to admit defeat and say “Jesus H & Christ”




It doesn’t stop there, ‘Echoes’ with its sluggish beefy riff just grinds, drawing you further in, vocals on par and with a slightly more melodic twist in the chorus it adds yet another flavor to the album. ‘Weaponised’ is another beast altogether, ferocious from the off and with a highly addictive hook in the chorus, voracious double bass drums and thrashing guitars in sync it’s simply a majestic number. ‘No End In Sight’ keeps that merciless pace up with another mind-blowing light speed track; the guys really have upped their game since the release of the 2013 debut with a serious statement of intent here on ‘The Sick, Dumb and Happy’


Frustrated by the lack of awareness in modern day society and today’s selfie obsessed generation, The Charm The Fury have spoken and with violent eloquence they are driving home their message with an impassioned aplomb. The Dutch quintet has indeed delivery an album that simply cannot be ignored. You can tell these guys have given blood, sweat and tears for this project and gave it their all to complete this astonishing album.


‘Silent War’ allows the guys to mellow proceedings and showcase Caroline’s range in her vocals, before normal proceedings resume.  ‘The Hell In Me’ and  ‘Songs Of Obscenity’ reiterating the bands message through intense and powerful frenzied thrash. You get it all on ‘The Sick, Dumb and Happy’ and there are definite comparisons you can make from their peers and bands that the guys would cite as inspiration.  No doubt including the likes of Pantera, Metallica, Killswitch Engage and Slipknot; you can hear it all raging through these tracks with an individual spin.


The album finishes on a high with the majestic ‘Break And Dominate’ a stunner of a closing track and one that just highlights the quality within The Charm The Fury. ‘The Dumb, Sick And Happy’ was released on March 17th via Arising Empire Records and it being St Patricks day I’m just gonna say that makes them Dutch-Irish in my books. I can’t recommend this album highly enough, it’s a pleasure from start to finish and has an unexpected delicacy too.


The Charm The Fury Are,

Caroline Westendorp | Vocals

Rolf Perdok | Guitar

Mathijs Tieken | Drums
Martijn Slegtenhorst | Guitar

Lucas Arnoldussen | Bass


Track Listing

1. Down On The Ropes 3:23 2. Echoes 4:39
3. Weaponized 3:54
4. No End In Sight 3:55

5. Blood And Salt 5:11
6. Corner Office Maniacs 0:54 7. The Future Need Us Not 3:29 8. Silent War 4:11
9. The Hell In Me 3:59
10. Songs Of Obscenity 4:12
11. Break And Dominate 4:18


The Charm The Fury online:


The Charm The Fury – ‘The Sick, Dumb & Happy’ – Album Review
10Overall Score

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