Tengger Cavalry - 'Cian Bi' - Album Review
Tengger Cavalry - 'Cian Bi' - Album Review9
Tengger Cavalry - 'Cian Bi' - Album Review9
Tengger Cavalry - 'Cian Bi' - Album Review9
Tengger Cavalry - 'Cian Bi' - Album Review9
Tengger Cavalry - 'Cian Bi' - Album Review9
9Overall Score
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Tengger Cavalry bring the sixth offering of their unique blend of Mongolian Folk Metal with Cian Bi which is the name of an ancient Nomadic tribe that immigrated into Northern China, merging cultures, which is exactly what this band does.

The album begins with ‘And Darkness Continues’, which is an instrumental track using traditional string instruments, then we get to ‘Cian Bi (Fight Your Darkness)’, which is where this fusion of musical styles begins to shine.

The combination of punchy electric guitars and heavy drumming is met by traditional string, wind and percussion instruments topped off with throat singing that makes the vocals sound almost electronic, creating an intriguing but very enjoyable combination.

This blend is continued throughout the album with more and more traditional sounding instruments such as the Mongolian Horsehead Fiddle, combined with the typical Metal backdrop.

‘Our Ancestors’ is a definitely a sing along track whilst ‘Electric Shaman’ and ‘One-Track Mind’ have a Dance beat that is met with the Metal and Mongolian twist.

Overall the album sounds quite Industrial with an Asian twist that is rather brilliant, highly enjoyable and creates the perfect audible fusion dish.


Ed Ford


Track Listing

  1. And Darkness Continues
  2. Cian-Bi (Fight Your Darkness)
  3. Our Ancestors
  4. Strength
  5. Chasing My Horse
  6. Electric Shaman
  7. Ride Into Grave And Glory (War Horse II)
  8. Redefine
  9. A Drop Of The Blood, A Leap Of The Faith
  10. The Old War
  11. One Tribe, Beyond Any Nation
  12. Just Forgive
  13. One-Track Mind
  14. You and I, Under The Same Sky
  15. Sitting In Circle









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