Taken By The Tide - 'Revenge' - EP Review
Taken By The Tide - 'Revenge' - EP Review9
Taken By The Tide - 'Revenge' - EP Review9
Taken By The Tide - 'Revenge' - EP Review9
Taken By The Tide - 'Revenge' - EP Review9
Taken By The Tide - 'Revenge' - EP Review9
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The follow up to debut release There’s No Such Thing As An Atheist In A Foxhole smashes on to the scene with a beautiful wreckage of Hardcore with Technical, Brutal, Death Metal. This EP begins with a blunt force impact of aggressive vocals over ever changing guitar notes, powerful, heavy riffs and in the face drums that is not for the weak of heart. ‘The Organs Are Mine’ is certainly an impactive opener to this 6 track EP and don’t think that the intensity is going to drop because it certainly doesn’t.

‘Grave Lessons’ continues on the path of destruction and taking no prisoners as the vocals demands attention and the music is ever changing, from the beat to the tone and note this is like an attention grabbing unstable.

‘Revenge Overture’ is the only time to catch you breathe but even a 1minute piano track sounds disturbingly intense and then the chaotic concoction continues on this mind-bendingride that is Taken By The Tide.

‘Now I Am Become Death’ is the final track of this 22 minute EP and is as bluntly intense as the tracks before it. You certainly know you have listened to this release when to comes to an end.

Revengesounds like the wreckage of Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan having a head on collision at 200 miles an hour. The aggression that is heard in this album is incredible whilst the technicality is top drawer. This is a certain way to get people to sit up and take notice as Taken By The Tide push on in the world of Death Metal.


Ed Ford



Revenge was self-released on August 3rd 2018


“Revenge” tracklisting:

1. The Organs Are Mine
2. Grave Lessons
3. Moloch
4. Revenge Overture
5. Anfang Extinction
6. Now I Am Become Death

Taken By The Tide are:

Nath Harris – Guitar
Eric Revill – Guitar
Ed Gorrod – Drums
Andrew Workman – Bass
Phil Illsley – Vocals


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