Sully Erna takes a step back from the spotlight of Godsmack to release his latest solo album Hometown Life, a deeply personal take musically, and a massive departure from his usual recordings with Godsmack. Sully this time has simplified things, returning to the piano and acoustic guitar, producing the album in his New Hampshire home.

Sully takes a singer-songwriter approach on Hometown Life, incorporating influences from a wide range of his musical heroes, and fusing them into an album rich in melodic storytelling. It’s an atmospheric affair fusing many styles in which Sully makes each his own.

“When I do a solo album, I write for myself,” says Sully. “It’s not for critics, radio or even fans. I like to explore different kinds of music that work together. A good song is a good song. I stopped categorizing a long time ago.”

There are highs and lows of emotion in tracks like ‘Blue Skies’ that show a very different side to Erna. For those who are already familiar to his solo work, an album like Hometown Life may not come as a surprise, but if you are expecting another Godsmack, you’re probably going to need to sit down.

It is a beautifully melodic collection of tracks, engaging from start to finish and dripping in quality throughout, filled with catchy choruses, song after song, and interlaced with thought-provoking background melodies that just pull you into each and every song. The album closer ‘Falling to Black’ is the perfect example, as its cello hauntingly holds your attention throughout.

Sully Erna for sure will challenge his Godsmack fans with an album like Hometown Life, but equally he should be applauded for the single-minded approach in following his heart with a truly personal recording.


Hometown Life is released 29th September on BMG.


Track Listing
1 ‘Hometown Life’
2 ‘Your Own Drum’
3 ‘Different Kind of Tears’
4 ‘Take All of Me’
5 ‘Don’t Comfort Me’
6 ‘Turn It Up!’
7 ‘Blue Skies’
8 ‘Forever My Infinity’
9 ‘Father of Time’
10 ‘Falling to Black’


Sully’s extensive tour will kick off on September 14th in Brussels and will take the band on the road throughout Europe, performing in 12 thrilling cities, such as: Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin and London.



UK/European Tour Dates
Thu Sep 14 Brussel, La Madeleine – Belgium
Fri Sep 15 Amsterdam, Melkweg – The Netherlands
Sat Sep 16 Hamburg, Gruenspan – Germany
Sun Sep 18 Stockholm, Debaser Strand – Sweden
Mon Sep 19 Oslo, Vulkan – Norway
Thu Sep 21 Berlin, SO36 – Germany
Sat Sep 23 Wroclaw, A2 – Poland
Sun Sep 24 Lodz, Wytwornia – Poland
Tue Sep 26 Sofia, Arena Armeec – Bulgaria
Thu Sep 28 Moscow, Izvestiya Hall – Russia
Fri Sep 29 St Petersburg, Cosmonavt – Russia
Sun Oct 01 London, Islington Assembly Hall – UK

Ticket available at:






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