This is the eight studio album from the New York Death Metal outfit and it is as you would expect, full of growled vocals, fast guitar riffs and thumping drum beats.

From the offset with the first track “Clarity Through Deprivation” you know you are in for a treat as Frank Mullen growls and snarls his way through the opener just to give you a taste of what’s to come

In an age when sound and clarity is what all metal bands are striving for it, is so refreshing to hear a death metal band play so heavy and down tuned and actually sound crystal clear.

“Your Last Breaths” is one of the best tracks on the album for the simple reason that it goes from grindingly slow to high speed in a flash, backed up with some atomic drumming by Eric Morotti, a feat which he carrys out throughout the album.

“Return To The Abyss” is relentless from start to finish and how anyone is in one piece after it is unbelievable, everything from vocals to bass is at breakneck speed and it is a massive stand out track on the album

The title track “..Of The Dark Light” is a sensory overload of brutal vocals, heavy fast riffs, strong base lines and hammering drums. It is without a doubt THE standout track on the album.

“Somethings Should Be left Alone” and “Caught Between Two Worlds” are monster tracks in their own right but it just seems a little bit unfair to have to follow the title track and outshine it

“Epitaph Of The Credulous” closes out the album and it is a rerecording of the original from “Breeding The Spawn” from 1993. It is a lot heavier and cleaner than the original and on this point alone is better in that sense but still not as good as the original, as is often said the original is the best, although It is a fitting way to close out an excellent album.



1. Clarity Through Deprivation 4:04
2. The Warmth Within The Dark 3:39
3. Your Last Breaths 4:36
4. Return To The Abyss 3:56
5. The Violation 3:41
6. Of The Dark Light 3:41
7. Some Things Should Be Left Alone 3:23 8. Caught Between Two Worlds 4:19
9. Epitaph Of The Credulous 3:58


Suffocation is

 Frank Mullen         Vocals

Terrance Hobbs         Lead guitar

Derek Boyer                  Bass

Charlie Errigo         Rhythm guitar

Eric Morotti                  Drums

10Overall Score
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