Stand Atlantic

Stand Atlantic

The latest Pop-Punk trio has arrived with Stand Atlantic releasing their first EP. The female-led band are fresh on the scene with the energy and excitement of any new band. Their 5 track EP is full of catchy tunes and sing along anthems that are no doubt going to throw this trio into stardom.

Comprised of Bonnie Fraser (vocalist and guitar), David Potter (bass) and Jono Panichi (drums), this is a band you don’t want to miss. With influences from pop music and The Story So Far, there is a definite Paramore feel to these guys.

The title track ‘Sidewinder’ is a real sing along track with heaps of energy. The first track gives you a real feel for the rest of the EP and what these guys are all about. The first track to be written, you can see the talent that these guys hold.

The first single to be released is ‘Coffee at Midnight,’ and it is a very raw track. Fraser’s voice holds a real edge at the opening that sets the track open. You’ll certainly find yourself moving to this well-written and catchy track. The video tells the story of a couple’s relationship which results in coffee at midnight trying to resolve their problems. You also get to see the band rocking out the track and enjoying themselves while doing so. Check it out here:

Stand Atlantic are certainly a band to keep your eye on if their EP is anything to go by. Despite the trio only playing together for two years, they have the makings of much more to come.


Currently on tour in Australia supporting New Found Glory, expect to see more from them in the near future.


The EP is due for release on 12th September on Rude Records.


Track List:

  1. Sidewinder
    Mess I Made
    Coffee at Midnight



Stand Atlantic - 'Sidewinder' - EP Review
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