The press release tells me that the super group Snakecharmer was originally founded in 2011 by former Whitesnake members Micky Moody and Neil Murray, along with the perfect mix of high calibre musicians including Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone Ash), Harry James (Thunder, Magnum), Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne), and Chris Ousey (Heartland), and immediately my mouth is salivating.

If you were a child of the ’70s’ and a teen of the ‘80’s you lived through the glory days of Rock! And Snakecharmer just brings me back to those magical days when big hair and even bigger egos’ ruled. Some of the best Rock came via Whitesnake 1987, Def Leppard Hysteria, Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet and the like.

Second Skin does exactly what it says on the tin. The combination of these fine musicians gathered together all to pay homage to the magical days of Classic Rock, The album opens with ‘Sounds Like A Plan,’ and there is no denying what you’re gonna get over the next hour or so. Dripping in class, from the gritty vocals of Chris Ousey on vocals to the six-string duo of Laurie Wisefield and Simon McBride on guitar, this is as close to an audible caressing as you’ll get.

‘That Kinda Love’ continues the theme, with its ‘80s power ballad charm and guitar harmonies. Second Skin has the perfect balance of gritty, dirty guitar riffs, bluesy nuances and sumptuous vocals to turn any Classic Rock lovers head. It oozes class throughout and ticks all the boxes required to transport you back in time, whilst never leaving the comfort of your own home. The album flows effortlessly across its 11 tracks, each track perfectly executed delivered in a rich, blues-laden Classic Rock sauce!

Surprisingly restrained, Irish Born six string slinger Simon McBride plays more of a team conservative role here on the latest album, but he never lets you down on with his technical prowess and ability, where Simon is concerned that never detracts from the quality of his solos, unmistakeably McBride and immaculate as always.

The boys have created something special here; many have tried and failed before with a contrived and lazy attempt, but not Snakecharmer. Rich in quality from the start, Second Skin oozes Whitesnake, Bad Company and AC/DC from its very pores. It’s a glorious tribute to days gone by, before reality TV forced prepubescent, spotty faced, talentless teenagers on us and told us to gobble it all up as the new norm. Not then, not now, never.

The beauty of the music is variety, free will and a plethora of artists available to fill the voids left by commercial radio. Snakecharmer have set their stall. They have a formula rich in Rock history, and long may it last. Beautifully produced, Second Skin is an 11-track delicacy to be consumed as required, fat free, fully organic and proudly home grown, Classic British Rock at its finest.

Second Skin is released on Frontiers Music s.r.l on May 12th.


Track List


  1. 1.    ‘Sounds Like A Plan’
  2. 2.    ‘That Kind Of Love’
  3. 3.    ‘Are You Ready To Fly’
  4. 4.    ‘Follow Me Under’
  5. 5.    ‘I’ll Take You As You Are’
  6. 6.    ‘Hell Of A Way To Live’
  7. 7.    ‘Fade Away’
  8. 8.    ‘Dress It Up’
  9. 9.    ‘Punching Above My Weight’

10.‘Forgive & Forget’

11.‘Where Do We Go From Here’




Chris Ousey – vocals
Laurie Wisefield – guitar
Simon McBride – guitar
Adam Wakeman – keyboards
Neil Murray – bass
Harry James – drums



May 05 Cardiff, The Globe
May 07 Bingley, Bingley Arts Centre
May 10 Hull, Fruit
May 12 Sheffield, The Plug
May 13 Tavistock, The Wharf
May 14 London, O2 Academy Islington
May 18 Newcastle upon Tyne, O2 Academy
May 19 Glasgow, The ABC
May 24 Preston , Guildhall
May 26 Frome, Cheese And Grain
May 27 Holmfirth, Picturedrome

Snakecharmer – ‘Second Skin’ – Album Review
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