Slimboy - Sail On Sailor - Album Review
Slimboy - Sail On Sailor - Album Review8
Slimboy - Sail On Sailor - Album Review8
Slimboy - Sail On Sailor - Album Review8
Slimboy - Sail On Sailor - Album Review8
Slimboy - Sail On Sailor - Album Review8
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Slimboy​ are back with a brand new album ​Sail On Sailor​. The band has seen success over the past decade having toured the world and hitting the charts in their native country of Switzerland. After taking a break they stormed back onto the scene last year and are now ready to release their latest venture into the world.

Sail on Sailor​is an album that is 10 tracks of fast paced riffs and high energy. Their first single “Let It Go” shows the bands more mature side while still holding the base principles of everything that is punk. The track is highly layered with its different riffs and the blend of soft and hard sections. As well as having a great solo that allows the band to show that they have the skills to play not only hard and aggressive but also pull off melodic work as well. This shown throughout the album also with the wide range of hard hitting tracks such as “Falling Apart” and more melodic tracks like “Sorrow”. There is this blend throughout the whole album giving it a real sense of depth that comes from a band who has the years of playing together behind them.

Slimboy ​take on a much more mature side to their sound but are not afraid to keep their fun and fast sound. This is the album to show the world that despite taking a break they are still focused on their music.


Released on August 10th, ​Sail on Sailor ​comes out at the beginning of their European tour with ​Mest.






Track List:

  1. Falling Apart
  2. Hearts All Gone
  3. Let It Go
  4. Sorrows
  5. Whatever
  6. Believe In You
  7. Downfall
  8. Freak
  9. So-called Unity
  10. Life_Death (Ghost Of You)


Tour dates

8 – Italy, Milano, Circolo Svolta
9 – Italy, Misano Adriatico, Wave Club
10 – Switzerland, Bellinzona, Woodstock Club
11 – Germany, Dusseldorf, Stone Im Ratinger Hof 12 – France, Paris, Backstage By The Mill
13 – UK, Ashford, Junction
14 – UK, London, Underworld
15 – UK, Glasgow, Broadcast
16 – UK, Scunthorpe, The Lincoln Imp
17 – UK, Bridgewater, Cobblestones
18 – UK, Bolton, Alma Inn
19 – UK Stafford, Redrum
20 – UK, Sheffield, Corporation

For UK tickets, .

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