Sink The Ship - 'Persevere' - Album Review
Sink The Ship - 'Persevere' - Album Review8
Sink The Ship - 'Persevere' - Album Review8
Sink The Ship - 'Persevere' - Album Review8
Sink The Ship - 'Persevere' - Album Review8
Sink The Ship - 'Persevere' - Album Review8
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Persevere, the latest offering from Sink the Ship, dropped April 27th via Sharptone Records, and it delivers everything and more you would expect from this Cleveland, Ohio, quartet. It’s a fast-paced, high-energy recording that will leave you gasping for air. Hard-hitting and aggressive, the album opener ‘Second Chances’ sets the pace with a killer introduction. ‘Out Of Here’ continues the theme with slamming riffs and brutal vocals to set the heart racing.


Each track is equally catchy and upbeat ensuring the masses will approve, all whilst keeping that heavy and angst-ridden vibe intact. Pretty Emo girls will have their sing-along choruses to enjoy whilst the heavy gargantuan guitars and booming drums can keep their tortured other half’s in check. Persevere should transfer beautifully to the live setting with its killer riff-laden tracks and huge engaging melodies.


Sink the Ship have delivered a killer album all wrapped up in 13 slamming tracks to further cement their reputation as a band on the up.


Persevere is out now via Sharptone Records.

Track List

  1. ‘Second Chances’
    2. ‘Out of Here’
    3. ‘Domestic Dispute (Feat. Bert Poncet)’
  2. ‘Everything (Feat. Levi Benton)’
    5. ‘Nail Biter’
    6. ‘Put Up or Shut Up’
    7. ‘Persevere’
    8. ‘Trust Your Gut’
    9. ‘Strike First’
    10. ‘Exposing the Hype’
    11. ‘Deadweight’
    12. ‘Take This to Heart’
    13. ‘The Chase’


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