Sathanas - 'Necrohymns' - Album Review
Sathanas - 'Necrohymns' - Album Review8
Sathanas - 'Necrohymns' - Album Review8
Sathanas - 'Necrohymns' - Album Review8
Sathanas - 'Necrohymns' - Album Review8
Sathanas - 'Necrohymns' - Album Review8
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Sathanas bring their 10thfull-length album in their 20thyear, and this continues the uncompromising Black/Thrash Metal brand that they have stayed true to for their career.

From opening lyrics ‘We are the leaders of the darkness, we are the leaders of death’ over the Thrash-style music, we hear where Sathanas are approaching this album from. It certainly has an old school feel to it with straight up Death Metal/Thrash, face-melting solos, high-paced drums and strained Black Metal vocals over the top.

This is a great album to listen to and reminds us what makes Death Metal great, not samples or gimmicks, but a band with their instruments, passion and frustrations blasting them out for all to enjoy.

Sathanas have bought all of their experience into the 33-minute Necrohymns to create a fantastic sound of heaviness, riffs, pummelling drums and vocal emotion that many bands could learn from.



Ed Ford 





Track List


  1. ‘At the Left Hand of Satan’
  2. ‘Of Wrath of Hellfire’
  3. ‘Throne of Satan’
  4. ‘Harbinger of Death’
  5. ‘Raise the Flag of Hell’
  6. ‘Upon the Wings of Desecration’
  7. ‘Sacramentum’
  8. ‘Witchcult’


Line up: 
Paul Tucker – Guitar, Vocals
Bill Davidson – Bass
Jim Strauss – Drums
Logo by Chris Moyen (Vader, Incantation, Coffins)
Artwork by Adi Dechristianize (Hellish God)
Layout and art direction by Francesco Gemelli (Mayhem, Katatonia, Towards Atlantis Lights)

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