The Rocket Dolls - “DeadHead” - Album Review
The Rocket Dolls - “DeadHead” - Album Review 10
The Rocket Dolls - “DeadHead” - Album Review 10
The Rocket Dolls - “DeadHead” - Album Review 10
The Rocket Dolls - “DeadHead” - Album Review 10
The Rocket Dolls - “DeadHead” - Album Review 10
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Who doesn’t like a surprise?, something that when you listen to the first time round you think wow this is good, but by the fifth and sixth time you’re think wait, this is amazing!

A collection of eleven brilliant tracks comprised of a Grunge infused Rock’n’Roll. Rich melodic harmonies with a tasty heavy kick behind it, these guys really went all out. It has kind of a Grunge throwback feel to it and you can hear some Puddle Of Mud influences and Kerbdog combined with brilliant musicianship, it gives a polished feel to a really excellent album. There are a lot of catchy tunes on here that you will be humming them in your head for days, and that is no bad thing.

From the opening track, “None Of This Is Right” to the closer, “Trigger”, this album delivers on all levels, loud, fast, slow, heavy and everything in between. The standouts on here would have to be “None Of This Is Right”, the title track “Dead Head” which for my money is possibly the best track, “Stop The Dead Men Crying”, “The Desperate”, “Strain”, “Rusty Bones” and “Trigger”.

DeadHead” is out 6th of April and is an absolute must have!



The Rocket Dolls are:

Nikki Smash                  Vocals, Lead Guitars

Benji Knopfler                  Drums, Backing Vocals

Joe Constable                  Bass, Backing Vocals

Rocket Dolls

Rocket Dolls UK Tour

‘Deadhead’ UK Tour
6th April – Southampton, The Firehouse
7th April – Worthing, Bar42
10th April – Sheffield, West Street Live
11th April – Newcastle, Trillians Rock Bar
12th April –  Edinburgh, Bannermans
13th April – Glossop, The Globe
14th April – Birmingham, The Hammer & The Anvil
15th April – Northampton, The King Billy Rock Bar
19th April – Swansea, Creature Sound
20th April – Weymouth, Finns
21st April – London, Dublin Castle
26th May – Brighton, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
4th Aug – Hastings, Black Market VIP



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