Right on Kid! - 'Forever Missing Out' - EP Review
Right on Kid! - 'Forever Missing Out' - EP Review 7
Right on Kid! - 'Forever Missing Out' - EP Review 7
Right on Kid! - 'Forever Missing Out' - EP Review 7
Right on Kid! - 'Forever Missing Out' - EP Review 7
Right on Kid! - 'Forever Missing Out' - EP Review 7
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Right on Kid! have dropped their latest EP Forever Missing Out. They are back with their ever-catchy hooks and energetic sound that embodies the Pop Punk genre. Since forming as a five-piece band they have only gone from strength to strength, and this latest offering shows just that.


This latest EP screams out with that fast tempo and addictive sound. Throughout there are nods to their forefathers, such as New Found Glory, which can especially be heard in ‘Loci’. Each of the tracks on the EP is full of raw energy and ‘Consistent’ is the perfect example of this, although it’s ‘Bier Castle’ that really showcases this from its fast verses and that fast tempo. But this track also shows the importance of building a track up with its slow chorus that brings you down to bring you back up to that speed. ‘Clarity’ is another track that does the same, showing that this band understands the composition of their tracks. The title track showcases this in a different way, starting at that softer sound on the opening. This is a band that truly understands their genre of music, and has taken notes from those who built what we now know as Pop Punk and taken all the best bits.


Right on Kid! have just shown us once again that Pop Punk is alive and kicking and they are taking their place. Their own unique blend of catchy hooks and building tempos is undeniable in being loud and proud, and they are certainly ones to keep your eyes on.






Track List

  1. ‘Forever Missing Out’
  2. ‘Clarity’
  3. ‘Bier Castle’
  4. ‘Consistent’
  5. ‘Loci’





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