Reawaken - Monochrome - EP Review
Reawaken - Monochrome - EP Review9
Reawaken - Monochrome - EP Review9
Reawaken - Monochrome - EP Review9
Reawaken - Monochrome - EP Review9
Reawaken - Monochrome - EP Review9
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Reawaken ​are due to self release their latest EP ​*Monochrome* ​on the 5th October. With a strong female vocalist and a heavy sound they are bound to stand out amongst the music scene. With an appeal for fans of bands such as Halestorm and Alterbridge, this is a band who deliver.

Vocalist ​Meg Parkinson ​is without a doubt what makes this band stand out. Her vocals sound akin to that of Amy Winehouse with a grittier edge that is elevated by the heavy riffs and hard beats of the tracks. She also shows off an incredible range across each of the tracks with their first single “Don’t Run” being the highlight of this. Another stand out performance from this EP are the solos from Guitarist ​Nathan Price​. “Black Tears” has a solo which is just captivating to listen to and shows Prices talent off perfectly. The whole EP has a heavy and edgy sound which backs ​Parkinson’s​ vocal abilities perfectly allowing them to have a unique sound.

Reawaken ​have managed to find a gap in the music scene and have filled that with ease and excitement. This latest 4 track offering leaves listeners wanting more and they will do doubt deliver on this in the future.


1) Don’t Run

2) Black Tears

3) C.R.A.W.L

4) I’m Go


Meg Parkinson – Vocalist Gill Lancashire – Drummer Joe Fraser – Bassist Nathan Page – Lead Guitarist Matt Gregory – Rhythm Guitarist

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