Ravenlight - 'End of the World' - EP Review
Ravenlight - 'End of the World' - EP Review8
Ravenlight - 'End of the World' - EP Review8
Ravenlight - 'End of the World' - EP Review8
Ravenlight - 'End of the World' - EP Review8
Ravenlight - 'End of the World' - EP Review8
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Formed in January 2018 by Rebecca Feeney and John Connor, Northern Irelands’ Ravenlight wasted no time in releasing new music with their debut single ‘Where The Start Grow’ being released in March 2018 and now September brings the debut EP.

The EP opens with ‘Words Unspoken’ and immediately the Power Metal starts to fill the veins and then the operatic vocal slices through the music and produces a wonderful sound that is as dramatic and atmospheric as it is beautiful. The background of power guitars, punching drums, effective solos and with the occasional string section joining the party this track is a guaranteed sing along.

Next up is ‘The Wild Hunt’ which ups the pace and intensity with pummelling drums and dramatic musicality as the vocal is lowered a few octaves for a short period and the choral section joins in. This track certainly gets the heart racing as again the solos continue to enhance an already packed song.

The EP title track is the penultimate track which follows a similar high-octane pace as the previous track, with true Power Metal in the back ground, being joined by string instruments and the impressive vocal to create another highly impressive track.

Closing the EP is the previously released single ‘Where The Stars Grow’ which is a slower Power Ballad that is guaranteed to be a huge sing along. It closes the EP perfectly and much like a good starter meal, whets the appetite for what’s next, which at the rate the band are creating top quality Symphonic Power Metal, won’t take long at all.

End Of The World is released September 28th



Ed Ford



Track List

  1. Words Unspoken
  2. The Wild Hunt
  3. End Of The World
  4. Where The Stars Grow

Ravenlight Online:

Website: www.ravenlight-band.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RavenlightNI

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RavenlightNI

Where the Stars Grow (Single): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzcaVN29WJE&feature=youtu.be

The Wild Hunt (Single): https://ravenlight.bandcamp.com/track/the-wild-hunt

End of the World (EP): https://ravenlight.bandcamp.com/album/end-of-the-world-ep


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