Quiet Riot are back with a brand new album! The band have not released new material in almost 10 years and have come back to show us they are not done yet. Originally set for release in spring 2017, Quiet Riot made the decision to re-record the entire album with new vocalist James Durbin. This is their first album to be released since the passing of Kevin DuBrow, and is led by drummer Frankie Denali, who has been the longest serving member (34 years) and is joined by Chuck Wright and Alex Grossi. With the blessing of DuBrow’s family, Quiet Riot bring you Road Rage!

Road Rage is exactly what you expect from this long serving band of Rock and Roll. Full of hooks, riffs and face melting guitar solos, this is arena ready Rock. Durbin’s vocals work perfectly with the sound we have all come to know as Quiet Riot. The album is so full of great hits that you’ll struggle to find just one favourite track.

The first single to be released is ‘Freak Flag’ and what a song this is. This catchy track is an absolute head banger with a chorus to belt out at the top of your lungs. This anthem has some intense riffs which add to the power of the song. The solo provided by Grossi is in itself pure Rock and Roll and throw in that spoken hook – what’s not to love?

Their second single is ‘Wasted’ and is another track which throws you straight into a head bang. With another catchy chorus and strong back beat, this is another belter of a song. The lyrics show a maturity in their song writing, but is 100% Quiet Riot through and through.

The album is full of that ’80s Rock vibe, showing the world that time may pass, but great music will always continue. Other tracks to check out are ‘Getaway,’ ‘Still Wild’ and ‘Renagades.’ This is a really balanced album that will have you playing it on repeat over and over again.


Road Rage is due for release on the 4th August on Frontier Records S.L.R , with the band looking to tour through the year. So make sure you know all the words before joining the band to rock out!

Review By Emmie Ellis 


Track List


  1. ‘Can’t Get Enough’
    02. ‘Getaway’
    03. ‘Roll This Joint’
    04. ‘Freak Flag’
    05. ‘Wasted’
    06. ‘Still Wild’
    07. ‘Make A Way’
    08. ‘Renegades’
    09. ‘The Road’
    10. ‘Shame’
    11. ‘Knock Em Down’

Frankie Banali – drums
Alex Grossi – guitars
Chuck Wright – bass guitar
James Durbin – vocals









Quiet Riot - 'Road Rage' - Album Review
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