Purest Of Pain - 'Solipsis' - Album Review
Purest Of Pain - 'Solipsis' - Album Review8
Purest Of Pain - 'Solipsis' - Album Review8
Purest Of Pain - 'Solipsis' - Album Review8
Purest Of Pain - 'Solipsis' - Album Review8
Purest Of Pain - 'Solipsis' - Album Review8
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Despite being together since 2008 Solipsis is the first full length release by Purest Of Pain, who you may recognise a few band members from their involvement with the band Delain. The album was successfully crowdfunded within 6 days and was recorded around the band members other commitments but blimey it’s worth the wait.

This Melodic Death Metal release definitely has the feeling that it is influenced by the Scandinavian sound and it is easy to see why they have toured with bands such as Opeth.

The crispness of the drumming with the clear sound of the bass and the technicality of the guitars make for an impressive sound that is topped off by impressive abrasive vocals

‘Tidebreaker’ includes some impressive fast pummelling drums and ‘Terra Nil’ has some punchy guitars help you get lost in the beat and dragged deep into the track.

It is very easy to get carried away on the waves of melody and the underlying groves are very enjoyable throughout this album which blends technicality along with emotion and a great sound.


Ed Ford


Track Listing

The Pragmatic (1:19)

Truthseeker (2:09)

Vessels (2:59)

Crown of Worms (3:42)

Momentum (5:05)

The Sleep of Reason (1:33)

Tidebreaker (4:16)

Trial & Error (4:49)

Terra Nil (6:05)

Noctambulist (3:38)

E.M.D.R. (4:21)

Phantom Limb (4:09)

The Solipsist (3:52)

The End (2:25)


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