Punchline - 'Lion' - Album Review
Punchline - 'Lions' - Album Review 8
Punchline - 'Lions' - Album Review 8
Punchline - 'Lions' - Album Review 8
Punchline - 'Lions' - Album Review 8
Punchline - 'Lions' - Album Review 8
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Since 2004 ​Punchline​ have strived to be their own band showing their own version of pop-punk music and their latest release ​Lion ​is no different. This is the album that the band has said is what the fans have been waiting for and I’ve no doubt it won’t disappoint. Being largely self produced Punchline have been able to create something that is honest and meaningful laced with their pop punk melodies.

From the first track which is also the first single to be released “Friend From The Future” the band start as they mean to go on. The track is infectious and catchy and embodies everything Punchline. The rest of the album is a combination of fast happy tracks and slower deeper ones. “It’s A New Year (Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself)” is the perfect example of this deeper slower style the band has used on the album and really showcases ​Steve Soboslai’s ​voice. But if your looking for something which hits a little harder than “Sensory Overload” provides that fast catchy sound. Another standout track which is highly catchy is “Darkest Dark” which has an upbeat feel to it yet also holds a lot of meaning to it’s lyrics.

Lion is certainly an album where the band has put their energy and own style into every track. It will undoubtedly be welcomed by long time fans and with guest vocals from ​Matt Theissen​ of ​Reliant​ ​K ​and ​Anthony Raneri​ of ​Bayside ​will allow new fans to hear the uniqueness that is Punchline.


Track Listing:

Friend From the Future

Another Tale Of Remember When

Darkest Dark

Dead When It Hits The Shelves

Green Hills

Honey This Is Nothing New

Sensory Overload

Cant Tell Whats Real

A Friend Indeed

Something Happened In 1988

It’s A New Year

In The Powder Blue






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