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Pretty Boy Floyd are back with their fourth studio album, Public Enemies. This is a band that takes us back to the heyday of Sleaze Rock, Hair Metal of the ’80s and early ’90s, bringing back those catchy riffs and fun lyrics to show millennials what they have missed and show seasoned rockers a new take on the sound.

The entire album is reminiscent of bands such as Poison and Motley Crüe even down to Steve Summers’ vocals, which hold a strong resemblance to that of Vince Neil and Brett Michaels. Each track is full of that fun sound that you can’t help but smile to. This is a band who can do the teenage angst feels with tracks such as ‘High School Queen’ and ‘7 Minutes in Heaven,’ but can also do the powerful sound of ballads with ‘We Can’t Bring Back Yesterday.’ Kristy Majors brings some epic riffs and great solos to the table that really elevate this band. ‘American Dream’ is a perfect example of this, with other highlights including ‘Star Chaser’ and ‘So Young So Bad.’

The entire album could be mistaken for being 20 years old yet fits so perfectly in the music scene right now. There’s not a bad word to be said about these guys, as the album is just so full of great tracks that it becomes difficult to choose a favourite.


Public Enemies was released on 1st December by Frontiers Music S.L.R.


Track List


  1. ‘A.T.A.’
  2. ‘Feel the Heat’
  3. ‘High School Queen’
  4. ‘Girls All Over the World’
  5. ‘American Dream’
  6. ‘We Can’t Bring Back Yesterday’
  7. ‘We Got the Power’
  8. ‘Do Ya Wanna Rock’
  9. ‘Run for Your Life’
  10. ‘Shock the World’
  11. ‘Paint It On’
  12. ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’
  13. ‘Star Chaser’
  14. ‘So Young So Bad’


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