Krysthla: people remember that name, cometh the day, cometh the band and Krysthla are that band. With the release of their sophomore album Peace In Our Time the British five-piece have unleashed an absolute animal of an album.



‘The Minor Mystery Of Death‘, the opening track, is like being pinned against the wall and violently beaten over and over again, with the intensity of the 250bpm of the double bass drums thrashing their way through this brute of an introduction. Massive rhythms and monstrous down tuned hooks envelope the senses with a majestic intensity.

It doesn’t stop there, ’Yawm al-Qiyamah‘ has a vicious bouncing rhythm, wall of distortion, and piercing vocals reminding us this is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re not getting away that easily, animalistic tempo changes and interstellar drum patterns have you pushing that volume knob higher and higher, like a tweaker fixing for one more hit. At this point I realise I have not had this kind of a reaction to a first listen of an album since Pantera’sVulgar Display Of Power, and that is some compliment.

‘Depths’ with its crazy beautiful melodies and colossal down tuned thumping guitars just swallows you whole, my mind races wondering how just how good this is going to translate live. ‘Make Disciples Of The Nations’ is fast and furious, unrelenting in its intensity, aggressive and beautiful all at the same time. The term gargantuan harmony comes to mind during ‘Within The Lie Of All Lies‘; brutal and cohesive, maniacal and honest Krysthla pull from deep within.

I could go on but there is simply no need, Peace In Our Time is a landmark album by Krysthla and as a follow up to their 2015 Debut album ‘A War Of Souls And Desires‘ it is simply stunning.  Beautifully produced and with the highest quality musicianship from each and every member of the band, it is hard to fault this behemoth of an album.



Guitarist and Krysthla album producer, Neil Hudson, talks about the new album:

“Our second album, ‘Peace In Our Time’ is influenced heavily, and almost solely by the fact I am a father. With so much unrest and violence in the world, it’s easy to turn your back and pretend none of it has an impact on your life. Or somehow because it’s a long way from home it’s someone else’s problem. War does not sleep. War does not stop. It doesn’t choose who dies and who lives. But the people who light the fire and fan the flames do….”

Some call it Extreme Metal? For me, this was simply f**king beautiful.

Peace In Our Time is released April 7th Via PHD


Track Listing


1. The Minor Mystery Of Death

2. Yawm-Al-Qiyamah

3. Depths

4. Make Disciples Of The Nations

5. Within The Lie Of All Lies

6. In Death We Shall Not Die

7. Age Of War

8. Eternal Oceans




24th March – HITCHIN, Club 85

26th March – LEICESTER, The Firebug

9th April – COVENTRY, MACCOV @The Arches

21st April – BOLTON, The Alma

22nd April – WARRINGTON, The Brewhouse

28th April – CARDIFF, Fuel

5th May – HIGH WYCOMBE, Phoenix

6th May – WORTHING. Bar 42

7th May – BOURNEMOUTH, The Anvil

12th May – INVERNESS, Mad Hatters

13th May – DUNDEE, Beat Generator

14th May – EDINBURGH, Bannermans

26th May – NORTHAMPTON, King Billy Rock Bar

27th May – LONDON, The Devonshire Arms

28th May – LEICESTER, Uprising Aftermath @ The Firebug

3rd June – KETTERING – The Prince

24th June – NORWICH, B2

1st July – MILTON KEYNES, Craufurd Arms

22nd July – GLOUCESTER, Amplified Festival

 More dates to be announced.




Adi Mayes – Vocals

Neil Hudson – Guitars

Carl Davis – Bass

Noel Davis – Guitars

Wayne Minney – Drums


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Facebook –

Twitter –

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Krysthla – ‘Peace In Our Time’ – Album Review
10Overall Score

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