Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - 'The Age Of Absurdity' - Album Review
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A band that includes Phil Campbell is going to draw to comparisons to Motörhead and then throw in the fact that other than the vocalist this is a family band with Phil and his sons, there is really no knowing what this band is going to sound like.

What can be said very comfortably is that this is no attempt to prolong Motörhead nor rip them off and this is not a novelty band you could expect on Britain’s Got Talent. Phil Campbell And the Bastards Sons are certainly their own band and a damn good one at that.

‘Ringleader’ opens up the album with its multi paced heavy Rock N Roll full of catchy riffs and vocalist Neil Starr with his rough around the edges voice matches the band perfectly.

This opening track gives the insight to the remaining of the album which is pure Rock full of high class riffs, toe tapping heavy drum beats, world class guitar solos and great vocals that are very quickly sung along with.

‘Dark days’ ventures off with its predominantly Moody Blues feel which as a few tracks on the album switch style and pace throughout before returning to pure Rock.

The Age Of Absurdity is a lot of fun to listen to, the songs are solid, catchy and of a very high standard. Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons certainly do not need to grab the coattails of other bands for a leg up.

Ed Ford

Track Listing

  1. Ringleader
    02. Freak Show
    03. Skin And Bones
    04. Gypsy Kiss
    05. Welcome To Hell
    06. Dark Days
    07. Dropping The Needle
    08. Step Into The Fire
    09. Get On Your Knees
    10. High Rule
    11. Into The Dark




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