Oxbloods - 'Collisions' - EP Review
Oxbloods - 'Collisions' - EP Review 9
Oxbloods - 'Collisions' - EP Review 9
Oxbloods - 'Collisions' - EP Review 9
Oxbloods - 'Collisions' - EP Review 9
Oxbloods - 'Collisions' - EP Review 9
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Alt-Rock quintet Oxbloods drops their debut EP Collisions on April 20th and it is a seriously classy introduction. Kicking off in earnest with ‘Alpha’ you immediately get what these lads are all about, slick engaging song writing that is impactful from the off. Fused with polished melodies and gargantuan sing along choruses Oxblood have hit the mark at the first time of asking.

There’s a flavour to the music that goes beyond pure Rock with a deeper song writing quality, an EP that is beautifully produced showcases the quality and subtleties across the seven tracks. Songs like ‘Im Blue’ envelope and engage, whilst ‘Vagabond’ with its punchy riffs and melodies ensure a fan favourite live for sure.

Oxbloods have done well on their debut to create such a polished sounding EP that will no doubt resonate with UK audiences and beyond.


‘Collisions’ (EP) is self-released on the 20th April 2018.


‘Collisions’ EP track listing:
1) Intro
2) Ab Initio
3) Clinton
4) Imbue
5) Minefield
6) Vagabond
7) Stockholm


Charlie Cothliff – Vocals
Matt Lunn – Guitar
Chris Horrocks – Guitar
Matt Ashton – Bass
Alex Binnington – Drums


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oxbloodsmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oxbloodsmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oxbloodsmusic





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