Oracle - 'Tales of Pythia' - EP Review
Oracle - 'Tales of Pythia' - EP Review8
Oracle - 'Tales of Pythia' - EP Review8
Oracle - 'Tales of Pythia' - EP Review8
Oracle - 'Tales of Pythia' - EP Review8
Oracle - 'Tales of Pythia' - EP Review8
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Finalists of the Northern Ireland leg of Bloodstock’s Metal 2 the Masses competition, Oracle bring us their impressive brand of aggression and groove on a five-track EP.

The EP is full of riffs and the underlying groove that soon runs through the release and that the tracks are based upon. The tempo of tracks differs to provide a bit of everything, and with Randy Blythe style of vocals, it all combines to create a sound similar to Lamb of God, and with the prominent role of the bass guitar, it also includes a little Meshuggah style.

Second track ‘No God Waits for You’ is a belter from the start. The guitars are punchy and powerful, whilst the drum beats are heavy. The slowing of the pace in places adds to the drama-laden song and the guitar solo brings the extra dimensions. The track just feels like it should be heard from the middle of a sweaty pit.

This is a very impressive EP that oozes an already accomplished sound and leaves you eager to hear more. If the live experience is anything like the EP, then it is sure to be intense whilst very enjoyable,  and Oracle are sure to do very well in the competition and also in the future.


Ed Ford





Track List


  1. ‘The High Priestess’
  2. ‘No God Waits for You’
  3. ‘Burn the Nameless’
  4. ‘Deny’
  5. ‘Prisons’



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