Once Human - Stage Of Evolution - Album Review
Once Human - Stage Of Evolution - Album Review9
Once Human - Stage Of Evolution - Album Review9
Once Human - Stage Of Evolution - Album Review9
Once Human - Stage Of Evolution - Album Review9
Once Human - Stage Of Evolution - Album Review9
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Taking the unusual step of recording and releasing a live set from a support slot, Once Human are breaking new ground as they move into their 3rdyear together as a band.

The band is made up by some serious players in the game, with Logan Mader who was an original guitarist in Machine Head and also worked with Soulfly along with mixing Gojira, Fear Factory and Devildriver you would expect something heavy however the vocal provided by Lauren Hart, is as aggressive as they come.

Recorded in 2017 as the band toured with Dragonforce, the band smash their way through the 48-minute set with blast beats, heavy hooks, face melting riffs and a brutality and tightness that you would usually expect from a band with a few more years under their belt.

‘Mass Murder Frenzy’ is a beast of a Death Metal track as the blasts from the drum set punish your ear drums as the fast pace leads to involuntarily head banging and probable neck damage and ‘Pick Your Poison’ opens with a scream followed by that growling vocal that Hart is master of.

As if the set hasn’t pummelled you enough and having a co-writer of one of the biggest tracks in Metal, One Human provide a crushing cover of ‘Davidian’ as their penultimate track, providing full crowd participation as the Shotgun Blast as they are joined on stage by Fred Leclrecq from Dragonforce.

There is minimal chat between tracks as the band prove that they aren’t here to mess about, they mean business and show that they can transform their studio form into blistering live performances. This is not only a success for Once Human, it is a success for live albums and makes for a very exciting future for this Death Metal band.


Ed Ford


Stage Of Evolution is released September 28th 2018 on earMUSIC.


Track Listing

  1. Eye Of Chaos
    2. Killers For The Cure
    3. Mass Murder Frenzy
    4. Gravity
    5. Passenger
    6. Pick Your Poison
    7. Paragon
    8. Davidian feat. Fred Leclercq
    9. Flock Of Flesh




Pre-order “Stage Of Evolution” here: https://oncehuman.lnk.to/StageOfEvolution


Official videos from the studio album:

Eye Of Chaos: https://youtu.be/9VHA0H8peZ0
Gravity: https://youtu.be/KOvAP_Hd7xg
Dark Matter: https://youtu.be/OTua2ZrZr7M


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