The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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The latest album from Nothing More is due to explode on the 15th September. The Stories We Tell Ourselves will be the 6th studio album to be released after their last self titled album Nothing More. Formed in 2003 Nothing More are a Rock / Metal band who have drawn comparisons to System of a Down and The Mars Volta. Hailing from San Francisco they are comprised of vocalist/additional drummer Jonny Hawkins, lead guitarist Mark Vollelunga, bassist Daniel Oliver and their newest drummer, Ben Anderson.

The first single off the album is ‘Go To War’ which was chosen as the trailer music to the new Planet of the Apes movie. The track is a fantastic example of what this band is all about. The heavy beats and riffs set against the deep lyrics and Hawkins is a combination that just works. Throw in the soft elements of Hawkins voice throughout helps to really tell the story of this track and it is sure to be stuck in your head.

You can watch it here: Go To War Planet of The Apes trailer:

‘Let em Burn’ is another highlight from the album. This track is a real hard hitting one that is another sure to get stuck in your head. With a repetitive chorus that is lighter than the verses it’s a very easy song to pick up the lyrics that has a sense of being familiar.

‘Just Say When’ shows off the band’s softer sound with a beautiful acoustic track. With just Hawkins voice and an acoustic guitar it is an easy listening love song. I say love song however the undertone is that of a potential break up and discussing that the end is near for a relationship. It is a huge contrast to the other tracks on the album but no less spectacularly written.

The album is ambitious and explores the disconnect between the stories we tell ourselves and reality. It also continues with the snippets of Alan Watts lectures throughout. Don’t get us wrong it’s still a hard hitting album which can be described as Prog-Rock with Pop hooks and is full of great melodies which you cannot get out of your head. The album is 18 tracks long whittled down from the original 40 songs the band has written in the last 2 years. If you’re a fan of System of a Down and Papa Roach, then there is no denying this album will be straight up your street!
Nothing More will release The Stories We Tell Ourselves on the 15th September with Eleven Seven Music. They are also embarking on a huge tour that goes through the rest of the year from America to Europe to right here in the UK.


Track list

  1. (Ambition Destruction)
  2. Do You Really Want It
  3. (Convict Divide)
  4. Let ‘em Burn
  5. Ripping Me Apart
  6. Don’t Stop
  7. Funny Little Creatures
  8. (React Respond)
  9. The Great Divorce
  • Still in Love
  • (Alone Together)
  • Go to War
  • Just Say When
  • (Accept Disconnect)
  • Who We Are
  • Tunnels
  • (End Begin)
  • Fade In Fade out



06 Dec – London, Dingwalls

08 Dec – Birmingham, O2 Institute

09 Dec – Glasgow, Cat House

10 Dec – Manchester, Sound Control

The full European dates for “The Stories We Tell Ourselves Global Tour 2017 are:

Wed, 22 Denmark, Copenhagen, Pumphuset
Thu, 23 Sweden, Stockholm, Debaser Strand
Fri, 24 Norway, Oslo, John Dee
Sun, 26 Germany, Berlin, Musik & Frieden
Mon, 27 Poland, Warsaw, Hydrozagadka – Klub
Tue, 28 Czech Republic, Prague, Futurum
Thu, 30 Austria, Vienna, Chelsea
Fri, 1 Italy, Milan, Legend Club
Sat, 2 Switzerland, Zurich, Dynamo
Mon, 4 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Melkweg
Tue, 5 France, Paris, Les Etoiles
Wed, 6 UK, London, Dingwalls
Fri, 8 UK, Birmingham, O2 Institute 3
Sat, 9 UK, Glasgow, The Cathouse
Sun, 10 UK, Manchester, Sound Control
Tue, 12 Belgium, Antwerp, Kvaka
Wed, 13 Germany, Cologne, Underground
Thu, 14 Germany, Hamburg, Headcrash

NOTHING MORE---PhotoCredit-Alysse-Gafkjen

NOTHING MORE—PhotoCredit-Alysse-Gafkjen




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